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How to improve your posture?

Good posture is more than just standing up correctly to contribute to a good appearance. It’s an integral part of your wellbeing in the long run. It can avoid discomfort, fractures, and other health issues by making sure that you hold your body the right way, whether you are moving or still.

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What is High Blood Pressure?

In China, about 270 million people have hypertension; only a very little percentage of the patients have their condition under control. All adults should have their blood pressure regularly checked for hypertension so timely treatment can be administered.

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7 Tips to Prepare Your Body For Winter

Winter is right around the corner with cold temperatures and dry air testing our immune system. During that period, we are indeed more vulnerable to viruses, dry skin and other ailments. Today is the perfect day to prepare your body to go through the upcoming season happy and healthy.

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The 5 Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies

Our body requires many nutrients and vitamins that are essential for good health. Although we can get most of them from a balanced diet, it’s pretty common nowadays that people lack some of these important nutrients.

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Allergic Rhinitis

Dr. Liu, otorhinolaryngologist specialist at Shanghai Jiahui International hospital kindly accepted to answer our questions about allergies and give us some tips to overcome seasonal allergies.

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How Bubble Tea Affects Your Health?

Many health experts are concerned about the poor health benefits of over-sweetened boba tea.

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How Spicy Food Affects Your Body?

Besides being delicious for some, and awfully hot for others, what exactly are the effects on your body and potential health benefits?

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Skin Disorder: Eczema

Atopic Dermatitis or eczema is common in children but can occur at any age. Eczema is a long lasting (chronic) and tends to flare periodically. It may be accompanied by asthma or hay fever.

>>To find out more2020-09-11 10:35:10

The 5 Most Common Skin Disorders

Symptoms and severity of skin disorders may greatly vary. Some can be temporary or permanent, painful or painless, have situational causes while some may be genetic. Most skin conditions and problems are minors but a few can be serious and require immediate treatment.

>>To find out more2020-09-01 16:07:41

Why Are We Stressed?

Most people experience stress from time to time depending on the situation/moment they have to face. We decided to interview Selina Lin, experienced mental health counselor from Jiahui Wellness Center to raise awareness about this modern worldwide epidemic.

>>To find out more2020-08-24 11:19:38

Yang Style Tai Chi Introduction by Master Fu

Tai Chi is being part of the fascinating Chinese Art & Culture and is an internal Chinese martial art coming directly from Kung Fu.

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Top 5 Essential Oils & Their Health Benefits

Essential oils are one of the trendiest topics and are often used as an alternative medicine, in aromatherapy, to treat certain health conditions or to support your general well-being.

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How to Sit at Your Desk Correctly

Most of our jobs today require us to stay at our desk for an entire day which can largely explain the increasing number of people suffering from back pain.

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7 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth at Home

Smiling is one of the most powerful gesture one can make. After all, the proverb of smiles being contagious is true, isn’t?

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Why Are We Always Tired?

There are many reasons why one might be feeling tired.

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Online Consultation with Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners on COVID-19

TCM saw an unprecedented involvement in prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in China.

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10 Tips to Beat Insomnia

Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder that can greatly deteriorate your health and lead to inflammation, weight gain, muscle loss, and a weaker immune system.

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Global Guide for MSH Members amid COVID-19 Pandemic

We are issuing this guide to help our members get easy access to the information for medical treatment of COVID-19

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The 7 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

The first step to get a perfect skin is to understand your skin type and what your skin needs. The most essential thing to know is that it’s one big cell that requires as much nutrition and care as any other cell or organ. If you do not give it good nutrition, your skin is not going to look good.

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Spring Allergies

Spring is a lot of people’s favorite season, however, for some, spring is unfortunately associated with sneezing, runny nose, the feeling of weakness, and itchiness.

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