Why Are We Always Tired?

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There are many reasons why one might be feeling tired. Naturally, you would have something that is called the “circadian rhythm” which will make you feel more energized in the morning and sleepier at night. However, there might be other reasons why you might be feeling tired all the time.

Energy levels due to low caloric intake

One of the reasons why you might feel tired all the time is probably because you’re not supplying your body with enough energy. The number of calories you should be eating depends on your height, weight, sex, age, energy demands, and other factors.

Hormonal levels out of synch

Hormones are very important in the body since they control a lot of bodily functions. Men have higher testosterone and women have higher estrogen when these hormones are out of synch, the body begins to have an overflow of cortisol which is the stress hormone that makes us feel tired.

Low hydration

Your feeling of tiredness might be due to a lack of hydration. Your cells need oxygen, energy resources, and water in order to function properly. When you don’t have enough water, your body begins to compensate for the lack of it from its own resources which will make you feel tired and weak all the time. It’s important to note that water intake isn’t the only factor in hydration since electrolytes such as potassium and sodium are very important in pushing water into and out of the cell.

Lack of sleep

Sleep is much underrated and a lot of people are missing out on a lot of benefits when they do not sleep enough. The daily recommended sleep time per day is 7 to 9 hours. If you sleep enough and you still feel tired all the time, it might be due to the fact that you’re not in deep sleep enough (REM). REM sleep or Rapid Eye Movement is the period when your body is relaxed, hormones are secreting, and your muscles are healing.

How to start feeling energized:

1. Drink more water

One of the easiest ways to start feeling more energized is to drink more water and optimize hydration. Make sure you’re drinking adequate amounts of water with enough electrolytes especially if you move a lot.

2. Fix your diet

You are what you eat is definitely true, if you eat too much sugar, oily foods, and fried foods, you will feel tired and sluggish all the time. Make sure you eat a diet that has a lot of vegetables, fruits, seeds, and lean meats.

3.  Sleep better

Sleeping more is not the fix to bad sleep. Sleeping better is the right way to go. In order to make sure you sleep better, stop screen time including phones, laptops, PC, TVs, and any screen device at least two hours before bedtime. Make sure that your room is chilled and cleaned. Your room should also be very dark with no light at all.

4. Move more

Moving more is the least you can do to stop feeling tired all the time. A sedentary lifestyle is always going to make your muscles weaker which can make you feel sluggish. Make sure that you at least walk 30 minutes per day or go to the gym 4 times per week for cardio and strength training.

5. Eat less refined carbs

Sugar and other refined carbs are very bad for yo

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