Global Guide for MSH Members amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has characterized the COVID-19 outbreak as “pandemic” as the virus spreads increasingly worldwide. As the spread and the severity of COVID-19 are at alarming levels, we are issuing this guide to help our members get easy access to the most updated information for medical treatment of COVID-19 issued by the local authorities in their residing countries, as well as to provide timely support to our members if they have any concerns/queries about their health insurance.

 How to Seek Medical Treatment? 

Follow the Guidance issued by local authorities in the country you are residing when seeking treatment for suspected COVID-19 infection. COVID-19 is a pandemic announced by WHO and any confirmed or suspected patient can only be treated at the designated medical facilities announced or arranged by the local authorities.

MSH has compiled
some crucial guidance/information and emergency/help contacts publicized by the local authorities of the countries that are impacted by COVID-19 outbreak. You can click the following PDF to find out more:

 Medical Costs  

 1    Test Costs                                                          

1) Usually the test cost of COVID-19 is covered by local authorities. 

2) If it’s not, you can seek reimbursement from the international health insurance.

If you have fever, cough or other symptoms of respiratory disease and is required by the treating physician to take a COVID-19 test, then the test cost will be covered under outpatient benefit.

If you have no symptom of respiratory disease and just want to have the test as a precaution, then the cost will be considered as preventive care, and will be covered under wellness benefit.

  2  Treatment Costs                                              

1) Usually the treatment costs for COVID-19 patients will be covered by local authorities too.

2) If there are any self-paid and medically necessary costs, you can seek reimbursement under the international health insurance according to the benefit plan, as direct billing cannot be arranged under such circumstances. Also any medical costs incurred before you are diagnosed as a confirmed COVID-19 patient, and/or any rehabilitation costs after you are cured from COVID-19, can be covered under the international health insurance according to the benefit plan.

 Support provided by MSH  

  On-line Consultation                                      

MSH has partnered with SinoUnited Health to provide telephone consultation service by experienced doctors to answer any medical/ preventative questions/ concerns of yours.

You can call at +86-21-2613-7239 and identify yourself as MSH Member by providing your Member ID to get the consultation service.

  24/7 Service Hotline                                   

MSH 24/7 hotline +86-21-6187-0330 provides non-stop inquiry services regarding benefit, treatment guidance or claim procedures

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