Online Consultation with Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners on COVID-19

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"I am a doctor, after accepting two patients from Wuhan South China Seafood Wholesale Market, I was diagnosed with COVID-19 . During the severe outbreak in Wuhan,the medical resources were in short supply, hospitals were overcrowded and therefore my family and I were extremely concerned. Luckily, one of my friend recommended me the online consultation service with TCM practitioners from JunHeTang TCM company, that was light at the end of the tunnel".

At that time, the 46-year-old doctor had a persistent fever of 39.5 ℃ and body aching. To relieve his symptoms, he took some hormone and antibiotics, however, after a few days of self-medication, his symptoms were still well present and his conditions was getting worse.


On the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, after a friend recommendation, he decided to make an online consultation, and Cai Deheng, the doctor of JunHeTang TCM company, prescribed him after “syndrome differentiation” a  treatment using TCM (in traditional Chinese medicine, it is the comprehensive analysis of clinical information gained by the four main diagnostic TCM procedures: observation, listening, questioning, and pulse analysis) , through remote inquiry.

Fortunately, the next day, the patient started to feel better, with no obvious cough, asthma attack nor chest distress. Based on his current condition, doctor Cai prescribed Chinese medicine formulae for three more days, during which the patient’s body temperature gradually dropped. 10 days later, he eventually recovered and get back to work, ready to help more patients online as well as continuing to take Chinese materia medica, for rehabilitation.


This is not a rare case.

TCM saw an unprecedented involvement in prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in China. According to the data of National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, as of March 23, 74,187 of the confirmed COVID-19 cases had taken Chinese materia medica, accounting for 91.5%. Among which, 61,449 people in Hubei Province took Chinese materia medica, accounting for 90.6%. Clinical studies shows that the effectiveness rate of Chinese materia medica has hit more than 90%.


In Jiangxia makeshift hospital, led by TCM practitioners, 564 patients with mild symptoms were admitted and cured within a month. During the treatment, they all took Chinese materia medica decoction, granules and Chinese patent medicine.

ZERO case turned into a severe or critical condition nor any patient suffered a relapse of the disease after recovery.

Besides taking Chinese materia medica decoction, the patients practiced Tai Chi, eight trigrams boxing, as well as the physical therapy and moxibustion therapy were also used.


Currently, there is no 100% effective western medicine treatment. TCM has played a unique role in strengthening immune systems and alleviating symptoms.  By boosting the body to eliminate pathogenic factors, TCM is used to clear heat and remove toxicity. As the saying goes "If there is a sufficient healthy Qi in the body, it will not succumb to external pathogens". Both combination of TCM and Western medicine treatments have achieved the effect of "1+1>2".


Nevertheless, treatment based on syndrome differentiation is emphasized in TCM treatment. It is necessary to handle accordingly to each "different time, places, patients and diseases". For this reason, each patient's Chinese materia medica prescription is unique and doctors progressively adjust the prescription according to patient's condition.


This gave us the chance to work with JunHeTang TCM company in order to provide MSH members a unique one-to-one consultation with TCM experts from the medical team aiding Wuhan, including Shi Suofang, Hu Xiaoyu and Liu Xuezheng:

Scan the QR code below for consultation

Service Items

Explanation of inspection reports

Design of epidemic prevention plan

Offering a suggestion for TCM treatment

Guidance to follow-up rehabilitation and health

If you have fever, cough or similar symptoms,

you are advised to go to a designated institution for testing or treatment

Service Hours

8:30-12:00 a.m. 

14:00-17:30 p.m. 

18:00-21:00 p.m.

(Questions beyond service hours will be answered in sequence at 8:30 a.m. the following day)

Payment Method

WeChat and Alipay

(Medical invoice available)

Decoction (excluding overseas)

It can be delivered within 3 days by SF Express

(Delivery date for Tibet, Xinjiang and remote areas are subject to actual conditions)

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