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About TPA


Founded in 2001, MSH CHINA is a leading high-end health insurance service provider in China. Our headquarters and operation center is in Shanghai. We have branch offices in Beijing and Guangzhou, and service offices in Suzhou, Dalian, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Chengdu. Our main business is to provide a full range of high-end health insurance third party administration (TPA) services to insurance companies. We are part of MSH INTERNATIONAL.

Our Services

We offer a full range of high-end health insurance TPA services, which could include:

Sales and Marketing Support: Training, inputs on underwriting, plan design and sales proposals, support client visits
Enrollment: Member card packages, insurance list management, premium calculation
Claim: PE investigation, claim adjudication, claim payment settlement, uncovered expenses collection
Customer Service: Dedicated account managers, 24/7 bilingual call center, provider referral, medical liaison, medical escort, emergency assistance and evacuation
Claim Control and Risk Management: Second opinion, pre-authorization and case management
IT System Support: Operating system configured to support different product designs, interfaces for medical providers, members and HRs, POS machines in hospitals

MSH China, Your Right Partner for Success

The high-end health insurance is a fast growing and promising market. For many insurance companies, finding the correct TPA partner is key to success in this market. We offer a full range of TPA services and can customize them to meet your needs. We have a passion for excellence in what we do and deliver what we promise. We are your right partner for success.

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