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With the trend of global economic integration, sharing quality medical resources with developed countries around the world is within reach. On May 21, 2019, MSH, a high-end health insurance service provider, joined hands with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Cancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CHCAMS) at the Academic Hall of Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH), which held “The 2019 Sino-US Catastrophic Illness Medical Service Forum,” with over a hundred medical and insurance industry professionals to share the development of the world’s cutting-edge medical technologies, and jointly explore the future development of the treatment of Sino-US catastrophic illness.

At first, the conference invited Dr. Larry Wang, an associate professor of clinical pathology from Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California, Cindy Urbancic, the Vice President of the Global Health Center of the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, and Robert Shuman, a web development expert, to introduce the medical characteristics of the United States and the cutting-edge dynamics in the field of cancer and catastrophic illness treatment. The event included a video of an actual rehabilitation case, which followed a sick child from the discovery of her condition and travel to the United States and through the various areas of treatment, and ultimately remission. The site staff was impressed with the hospital’s humanized service and expertise in diagnosis and treatment which were highlighted in the video.

Subsequently, Ms. Yao Fang, Deputy Director of the Endoscopic Department from the CHCAMS, introduced the severe challenges of digestive tract oncology diseases in China through extensive data and introduced the possibility and necessity of early detection and early treatment of digestive tract tumors through vivid cases. Ms. Yao also introduced the screening process recommended by medical experts and put forward the necessity of “prevention and treatment of digestive tract tumors is starting from scientific screening”.

Finally, George Wu, the Beijing Branch General Manager and the Asia Pacific Medical Director of the MSH (organizer), introduced MSH’s global medical network covering 150 countries around the world. After 18 years of developing the Chinese market, it has been continuously working with many special medical departments of well-known public hospitals, international hospitals, and foreign-funded clinics to achieve mutual benefit and cooperation. Through three vivid and detailed cases of catastrophic illness services, he demonstrated to on-site audiences how high-end health insurance could help clients integrate multiple resources for quality medical services and respect. Laura Zhang, the Channel Business Manager of MSH, shared her practical experiences meeting the needs of high-net-worth people at different levels of health insurance coverage, health management, and overseas medical care through flexible insurance benefit designs.

Behind the growing popularity of oversea health care in recent years is the rise in public consumption capability and the appearance of a social issue–cancer, which caused by industrialization and increased longevity, has led to 3.922 million new cases of malignant tumors and 2.338 million deaths reported in China in 2015, according to the latest data released by the National Cancer Center in 2019. An increasing number of Chinese families have been caught up in the bitter war on cancer. Therefore, MSH hopes to build a cross-industry exchange platform, inviting experts from China and the United States medical industry and insurance industry to come together to reappear the true Sino-US medical service, discuss solutions for Sino-US catastrophic illness treatment and explore “Insurance + Medical Treatment” cooperation and mutual benefit between China and U.S.

Since its inception, MSH has focused on China’s high-end health insurance service and will continue to help more customers when they face catastrophic illness in the future. With the help of insurance risk prevention mechanisms, we can provide customers with financial support and services from professional medical teams all over the world, including services such as domestic and oversea expert recommendation and appointment, second medical opinion as well as overseas medical treatment and transport arrangements.

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