A New Experience of Empowering Health Protection

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Recently, the China Internet Insurance Innovation Summit 2019 was successfully held in Shanghai, lasting two days. Leaders of the Insurance and Economic Development Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Modern Health Care Branch of the Chinese Association of Geriatric Research were invited, bringing together more than 300 executives and experts from domestic and foreign traditional insurance, internet insurance, reinsurance companies, insurance brokers, insurance technology and other companies in the industry.

Rebecca Sun, Senior Director of Business Development of MSH, was also invited to attend the roundtable discussion entitled “Internet + Health: Reconstructing the Whole Industry Chain of Health Care” and explained the current status of China’s health insurance services under the “Internet +” trend and outlook.

Rebecca said that in addition to making the process of insurance, claim settlement, payments and other processes simpler and more convenient, “Internet +” can also help solve the practical problems faced by the other two China’s local health insurance services–the scarcity of quality medical resources in China and the asymmetry of information between doctors and patients.

Over the past 18 years, MSH has been committed to providing customers with international medical insurance services, and in the subdivision has been continuing to expand new service patterns, aggregate a variety of resources and core technologies, set up online and offline service platforms to provide customers with a more humane service experience. At the same time, MSH has achieved in-depth cooperation with many well-known medical institutions at home and abroad to accurately match global medical resource availability, including recommended appointment experts, arrangements for expert consultations, second opinion diagnosis and treatment at home and abroad, surgical inpatient green channel and other services for customers.

In terms of internet development, MSH is also the first in the industry to provide online services such as more convenient sub-diagnosis appointments through online access methods of mobile apps and websites, and continual improvement of customer-centered internet-based strategic layout.

The two-day meeting aimed at the combination of medical care in the “Internet +” context, technology to help the development of health insurance market, ecological construction of internet health insurance, blockchain, big data risk control, health insurance and refined operations and other hot topics, many top experts delivered wonderful speeches.

Science and technology are people-oriented, and “Internet +” is not meant to subvert or change the nature of insurance, but to empower. MSH will actively introduce artificial intelligence, security, risk control and other technologies in the future, exploring the possibility of docking and data interaction with insurance companies and medical supplier systems within the network, relying on a hybrid cloud, to provide more stable and efficient services for insurance customers, while introducing intelligent customer service, to bring customers real-time, professional and considerate user experience.

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