Shanghai New York University Volunteers in“Little Walkathon”

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Recently, MSH CHINA, together with Shanghai Yangjing Community Foundation, Shanghai Jinmei Care and volunteers from New York University Shanghai, participated in the “Little Walkathon” parent-child charity hiking which was initiated by Shanghai United Foundation, ultimately raising RMB22,479.20 for the “Seniors’ Precious Life Memories – Care for Alzheimer” charity project. With ranking the first out of multitudinous enterprise teams and the star family “superman” the fourth among 558 families, MSH CHINA team will incorporate all the donations into the Alzheimer caring special funds, so as to continually provide services to seniors or Alzheimer seniors in Shanghai communities.

Each enterprise has its own integral genes, which is the source of enterprise vision and organization culture. For MSH CHINA, that would be the strength generated by love. We are more than willing to exert our utmost kindness to understand the needs of clients, to help resolve any difficulty they are faced with, and by doing so, the social transmission of the idea of love and care will be realized. The success of this “Little Walkathon” event could be attributed to the commitment of attending families, active children, warm-hearted people, and the sincere efforts made by a group of energetic undergraduate volunteers.

The funds we have raised will be used to recruit professional volunteers, who are going to interview 10 seniors every year and to help them record the memorable old days. Meanwhile, we will also produce thousands of copies of "The Book of Life" in public version and have them distributed to pupils, encouraging children to keep track of the elderly’s life memories with simple but blissful words whilst chatting with their grandparents.

In future, we are most grateful if more seniors with senile dementia could be served through this project, leaving with them in the phase of losing memory some precious reminiscence as a family heirloom. Additionally, appeals also go to the public to pay further attention to Alzheimer patients and their family members, jointly constructing an “Alzheimer Friendly Community”.

Please take a look back at the love outreach of MSH CHINA throughout this year.

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