Delivery of Care and Medicines amid Epidemic Outbreak

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There is always an encouraging expectation in MSH's pharmacy direct-payment team that no matter how serious the epidemic situation is MSH will go all out to deliver care and medicine to its customers.

Delivery of Medicines to People Returning from Wuhan

After a self-imposed quarantine for a period of 14 days, customer A, with no symptom of respiratory disease, who takes some prescription drug for hypertension all year round and has returned from Wuhan, Hubei to Chongqing, was still declined politely when making an appointment to see a doctor of a clinic nearby for “high risk of clinical reception”.

With grievances, he called MSH which mediated between him and the clinic and urged the clinic to provide a more appropriate solution. Then, MSH called him back and sincerely explained the reason for the inconvenience in clinical reception. In addition, MSH made an evaluation based on the customer's medical records in the computer and arranged the delivery of medicine in time.

Delivery of Medicines to People Stranded in Yunnan

Also affected by the epidemic, customer B, who had few medicines left to take, was stranded in Yunnan. All his families failed to find the medicine he needed after trying to shop from local pharmacies or online.

On learning that, the customer service staffs of MSH contacted colleagues of the medical department and got the information about the customer's medication and prescription quickly and made medicine dispensing in an urgent manner. Within just two hours, the medicine was ready and given to the deliveryman.

The customer received not only medicines from thousands of miles away, but also assurance from MSH.

Quick Delivery of Medicines to People with Chronic Disease  


Customer C sent a detailed email to thank MSH for its “user-friendly” and “efficient” services, etc.

Suffering from 4 chronic diseases including hypertension and diabetes, he has been using the direct-payment service of MSH pharmacy for 6 years. One day in the evening, he suddenly found that he had used up the medicine at home and would go on a business trip the next day at noon, so he had no choice but to resort to MSH to assist in urgent dispensing.

On learning that, MSH immediately contacted the pharmacy staff to prepare more than ten kinds of medicines efficiently and arranged a specially-assigned person to send the medicines properly to the customer before his flight.

Search of Good Medicines for People with Difficult Miscellaneous Diseases

Compared with the above three cases, customer D's situation is more complex, showing MSH's good comprehensive service capability.

He suffered from a variety of diseases before purchasing our insurance, and was diagnosed as Cryptococcus neoformans pneumonia. The disease is dangerous, mainly attacking the lung and central nervous system and other important organs.

As his condition aggravated, the doctor suggested adjusting the drugs for treatment, but the specific medicines needed were hard to find in the market.

In view of this complex situation, MSH responded to it one by one. Firstly, a temporary compassionate scheme was adopted to ensure the timely treatment of the customer. Then, MSH tried its best to find the medicines to address the customer's worries about medication. In addition, MSH reminded the customer to go to the outpatient clinic for regular review to ensure the medication safety.


Regardless of time and hardship, there are always true and heartwarming stories one after another.

What the epidemic has done is cruel, but what the people has done is touching. As Russia's novelist Tolstoy once said, “Disease does not separate people. Instead, it provides an opportunity for human's love.”

At present, all countries in the world are mobilizing all resources to bring people unlimited confidence and courage to fight against the epidemic. Meanwhile, MSH is also working tirelessly, dedicating itself to ensuring customers’ medicine safety and quality.

“Your relief, our goal” is always what we pursue.

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