A Merciless disease is confronted by the love of MSH

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Winter, with its piercing north winds, is the high-incidence season for apoplexy. Not long ago, an MSH customer called Dr. Law had an apoplexy attack just as he was riding the crest of success. Fortunately, with farsightendness, Dr. Law had selected the high-end health insurance of MSH. He selected it out of responsibility and was also saved out of responsibility. 
What are the details of this case? Xiao Xin will now disclose them.

Background to the case: Dr. Law had worked in the United States for over 20 years. Six years previously, with an attachment and devotion to his motherland, he boarded a plane and flew back to China to start up a business. Despite all kinds of challenges during the initial stages, such as the financial strain and a shortage of talent, he still took responsibility and chose the high-end health insurance of MSH as the health benefit for all the employees of his top management team that had returned home from abroad. 

Life unfolds like a drama, and misfortune always befalls us unexpectedly. Four years passed in the twinkling of an eye, and his company was going to be listed. After several months of continuous high-intensity overtime, Dr. Law, who had had hypersion for a long time, suddenly collapsed unconscious in the winter of 2018, when the temperature dropped abruptly. He was sent to the Emergency Department at Beijing Tiantan Hospital. The emergency CT showed that Dr. Law had had an apoplexy attack, accompanied by the most dangerous complication of hypertension—cerebral hemorrhage. 

Xiao Xin Popularization of Science
As everyone knows, a cerebral hemorrhage is one of the complications of hypertension with extremely high lethality and disability rates, accounting for 20% – 30% of all stroke patients. The case fatality rate at the acute stage is 30% – 40%, and most survivors have different levels of sequelae, such as dyskinesia, cognitive impairment, speech disorder and dysphagia. 

Patient: Dr. Law 

Chief complaint: dizziness, headache, loss of consciousness 

Preliminary diagnosis: intracranial hemorrhage: small amount of intracranial hemorrhage, life-threatening symptoms such as brief obnubilation, coma and intracranial hypertension. Therefore, it was unnecessary to perform craniotomy to stanch the hemorrhage or reduce the intracranial hypertension. 

Disposition: In order to guarantee that Dr. Law would make a complete recovery, without any resulting disability, we had to race against time to find better rehabilitation therapy that would bring the risk of disability to a minimum. 

MSH Case Management 

(1) Recommended expert: For patients like Dr. Law who need conservative treatment, Beijing Xuanwu Hospital is more suitable because it has a good Neurology Department. After serious consideration, the medical team from MSH recommended a leading authority on traditional Chinese medicine who is skilled at treating cerebral hemorrhage. 

(2) Appointment: The appointment with experts could only be made three months later. Thanks to their efforts, however, the medical team from MSH managed to get an appointment Dr. Law with an expert clinic within one week. 

(3) Accompanied by hospital representatives: On the morning of the appointment, accompanied by the hospital representatives from MSH, Dr. Law went to the VIP clinic for diagnosis. After the expert had made the diagnosis, the hospital representatives handles all the arrangements and follow-up matters for Dr. Law expertly—going up and down the stairs over and over, queuing, pricing, paying the fees and getting the medicine. 

(4) Appointment for further consultation: When they shook hands with Dr. Law and saw him off in the car, the hospital representatives felt that Dr. Law's hands were cold and feeble, and his pale complexion and bleak eyes worried them a lot. Therefore, they immediately made an appointment with an expert clinic two weeks later for further consultation. 

Since treatment, Dr. Law's blood pressure has kept to normal levels without taking any medicine for hypertension. On the first workday of the new year, Dr. Law arranged for the HR representative of his company to drive to Beijing and paid a special visit to the Beijing Office of MSH CHINA (Fig. 1) with New Year presents and a letter of thanks in Dr. Law's own handwriting (Fig. 2). Dr. Law expressed his heartfelt thanks for all that MSHers had done for him over the previous two months. He thanked the MSHers for their warm service, which had helped him pull through this difficult time. In addition, Dr. Law hoped that he could spend more time together with MSH CHINA in the future. (Names of involved have been aliased in the interests of privacy protection) 

What you may not know

Xuan Wu Hospital is the first affiliated hospital of Capital Medical University. Its departments of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology and Paediatrics are home to many experts and, in particular, the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery host a large number of leading authorities. Doctors and nurses in the VIP clinic of Xuanwu Hospital have witnessed the intimate and professional care given to patients by the staff of MSH. They have established a bond of mutual trust between each other during so many years of exchange and cooperation. In 2018, Xuanwu Hospital officially signed a contract with MSH for cooperation in the area of non-cash direct billing and became a member of MSH's direct billing medical network. 

Companionship is the most enduring testimony of love. 

Thank you for making the discernible choice of MSH 

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