Warm Hands, New Life

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He comes from a country far away ---- Mauritius, southwest of the Indian Ocean, with the blue ocean rooted in his DNA. When he came to China, he chose to work in a famous hotel of Sanya in Hainan province. His employer has purchased high-end medical insurance served by MSH CHINA for foreign executives to improve employee health benefits. And one day, he had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage while working. Fortunately, his colleagues found out in time and called an ambulance to the hospital for rescue at once.

The HR contacted her MSH CHINA account manager and said that their employee's treatment was limited by local medical conditions and language barriers. The employee was paralyzed on the right side of the body and has no friends or family members in China. They hope that he could enjoy the best treatment within the scope of insurance benefits, and more considerate help from MSH CHINA as well.

At that time, the patient was totally incapable of self-care. MSH CHINA started firstly with arranging care worker to take care of his daily living, and related nursing expenses shall be paid directly from the compensation. After that, MSH CHINA went to communicate with his doctor and get an understanding of his condition and treatment plan. With the confirmation that the patient's condition was suitable for the next transfer, MSH CHINA helped the patient to complete all the transfer procedures within the shortest time, and transferred him to a well-known hospital in Guangzhou.

On the day of hospital transfer, the on-site representative of MSH CHINA visited him with flowers and MSH Bears, to learn more about the current situation and was ready to help if needed. The hospital representative of MSH CHINA got to know that he had encountered some troubles, such as he could not get used to the hospital's diet because he is Muslim; he has difficulty in communicating because of his English accent, and no family members or friends around as well; he even forgot the bank card password, which led to the account being locked and running out of cash... Having heard all this, MSH CHINA hospital representative immediately talked to the hospital staff and helped on translation. The nurse got to understand the patient's difficulties through the communication, and was willing to order take-out food and make payment as well for the patient when the hospital representative was not around. All the help is to assist the patient in adapting to the hospital environment as soon as possible, which is conducive to his recovery.

One week later, the patient’s brother rushed to the hospital and immediately went to exchange money in the bank and activated the patient's salary account. But the request was refused by the bank due to the misunderstanding caused by foreign language communication. At that time, the Meteorological Bureau warned about the Typhoon scale 12, which has not stopped MSH CHINA staff from taking the patient's brother to an automatic machine for the first time of money exchange.

However, considering the follow-up living expense of the patients and his family, it is imperative to open a bank account to withdraw the medical compensation in a non-direct-billing hospital before transferred. But problems came again. The visa of the patient's brother belongs to short-term stay, which is invalid for open a bank account. The bank also refused the brother to open the account on behalf of the patient. MSH CHINA once again stand out and tried our best to communicate and negotiate with the bank, requesting the bank staff to hospital to confirm the patient’s identity and open the bank account finally. With the urgent process of MSH CHINA's claim department, the first compensation paid by the insurance company was settled in three working days and arrive the patient’s account quickly, thus helping the patient and his brother out of dilemma in Guangzhou.

When the patient's condition gradually became stable, MSH CHINA staff took the patient’s brother to the bank, dealing with the locked bank card. They also coordinated the doctor in charge, the bank, the patient’s employer and the notary office, prepared and translated all the documents required, and finally led the bank staff to the hospital for patient’s signature. All these strong support and dedication from MSH CHINA staff has won the sincere thanks from the patient and his family.

After everything is under control, we transferred the patient back to his country for the follow-up rehabilitation. In addition to MSH CHINA's professional and efficient service, he was also impressed by MSH CHINA's considerate companionship and heart-and-soul help. Every MSH CHINA staff came to him with warm smile and provided timely when he was in trouble. One month hospitalization originated from pain, but it also brought him an unforgettable memory like a rebirth.

The rose's in her hand, the flavor in mine. Love is the belief of every MSHer, we are generous in giving help to others.

It is not true happy to know only harvest.

The joy of MSH CHINA is the joy of dedication.

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