A Day at Work for a Hospital Representative

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In 2007,MSH appointed its first hospital representative in China at Huashan Hospital to serve as the bridge between MSH and our customers. Currently, MSH China has representatives stationed at 16 public hospitals that our customers can experience VIP services while benefiting from advanced medical technologies.


The hospital representatives start their morning as the outpatient clinic opens and begin receiving our customers.

  • As the first line of MSH customer service, the representatives help customers with appointment bookings prepare their schedule
  • Help customers fill their claims forms and guide them throughout the consultation process.
  • Act as translators and accompany or lead customers to the waiting area.
  • Accompany customers while they are being examined in the different clinics.
  • Collect copay.
  • Prepare medical history information, answer any questions customers may have and organize the records.
  • Make specialist booking, visit inpatients, provide assistance in major medical cases, ensure completion of various procedures, and assist customers until their visit at MSH China is over.


Taking a renowned public hospital in Shanghai as an example, its hospital representatives receive around 20-30 MSH customers each day. If they serve each customer for 15 minutes, then they have to provide services for around 4-5 hours a day. In actual fact, many customers are attended to at different clinics at the same time and some of them may even require inpatient care.

In order to help customers obtain the treatment they need in an unfamiliar medical environment and sometimes in a language that they are not familiar with, MSH’s hospital representatives are well-verse with the hospital and the different treatment processes. They can communicate with different medical personnel and help each customer prepare their schedule. Their effect use of resources and time help each customer complete their treatment process successfully.

Visiting customers are not the only service group that the hospital representatives attend to. They also answer enquiries from their MSH colleagues and help customers make appointment bookings. Usually, a hospital will only have one hospital representative. Therefore, it takes great effort for the representative to service customers from all walks of life in a timely manner.

It is difficult to list out functions of a hospital representative because every customer is unique. Even when they are suffering from similar illnesses, the mental and physical conditions of every customer and their response to treatment are different, so it is impossible to follow a standard operating procedure (SOP). Each customer represents new experience and interaction for the hospital representatives. In their work, hospital representatives no only require professional knowledge, but also people skills.

The job of a hospital representative is complicated and very intense and challenging. Although they work at the hospital every day, they are not considered staff of the hospital, but external ambassadors of MSH. They do not have other MSH colleagues beside them to cheer them on nor a fixed office. All they have are a desk and a foldable chair. What push them on is their passion to help people and the recognition they receive from the customers and MSH.



When you arrive at the hospital, you will be greeted by someone who is not perfect, but someone who is sincere, brave and willing to give!

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