Call Center Customer Service(code: SH-CC001-M) Back to career list

Job Requirements:

1、  Answer the telephone network of medical institutions, online coordination and handling of complaints, answer the basic questions of network medical institutions and make record;

2Coordinate with different department and the demands from complex network medical institutions, convey to the corresponding colleagues or leader to do a timely response and processing;

3Assist in the basic training of new employees;

4Other matters assigned by supervisor.


Job Responsibilities:

1Associate degree or abovemedical background is preferred1 year relevant experience is a plus;

2、  Standard of Mandarin, good English speaking and writing;

3、  Expert on MS office; Passion, initiative, and willing to help others;

4、  Responsibility, strong compression ability, good communication, team work;


Ps: Shift night work, and the company provides accommodation with a corresponding allowance.





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