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Health Tips

7 natural ways to prevent mosquito bites

Even if most people who are bitten by mosquitoes don't get any complication, it’s always good to review the best manners to naturally protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites, especially if you’re traveling to an area where some illnesses are present.

>>To find out more2019-07-16 10:00:00

Humid weather: what are the effects on the human body?

In summer, southeast monsoon from the western Pacific Ocean and southwest monsoon from the equatorial Indian Ocean blow onto the Chinese mainland. These monsoons are the main cause of rainfall. During that time, the amount of moisture in the air is particularly high.

>>To find out more2019-07-09 14:38:01

How to choose the right anti-pollution mask?

Various forms of pollution have increased as China has quickly industrialized. Air pollution has become one of the biggest issue for many foreigners and Chinese people.

>>To find out more2019-07-02 11:04:31

Can social media really cause depression?

Is using Facebook or Instagram causing depression?

>>To find out more2019-06-20 16:00:00

How much sun is enough?

With summer around the corner, it is important to be prepared and to remember the risks of over-exposure to the sun but also the benefits of a moderate exposure.

>>To find out more2019-06-17 14:28:51

10 easy tips to survive the hay fever

The allergic rhinitis also known as the hay fever is a seasonal allergic reaction to pollen. The body’s immune system overreacts to a harmless substance: the pollen in the air. Common reactions are runny nose, itchy eyes/nose, sneezing, watery eyes and blocked nose.

>>To find out more2019-06-12 14:21:01

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