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[Oversea Treatment Case]Crossing the ocean, MSH is your considerate guardian

Recently, MSH has arranged one of our clients to go to Japan for medical treatment. After back to China, her family wrote a long article to share every detail and experience in Japan during the treatment.

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The Twist in Travel, in a Lovely Place

Saga is a beautiful and unique place which attracts many tourists from all over the world. In such a lovely place, a group from MSH CHINA lovingly penned down some warm memories.

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Continuing on Takes Courage

Facing days in life without any answers yet continuing to live life, not give up, all the way until an answer finally appears takes a lot of courage!

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A love that crosses borders – Emergency rescue on a plane

On a plane heading from Beijing to San Francisco, everyone was exhausted from the long trip, and many people were already deep into their sleep. MSH CHINA’s medical director, George (people call him “Brother George”) and his daughter were also on this flight, enjoying the start of a wonderful vacation.

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When the system meets the warmth of MSH's service

In the middle of the night on January 18th, Lucy of the technical department took her child to the emergency room in a hospital in San Jia. When she went to make the payment, a man in front of her quickly took out a card and gave it to the cashier, speaking English. Lucy knew that card; it was an MSH CHINA insurance card! Seeing that this foreigner had apparently also a medical emergency, she proactively went to the counter to inquire.

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Accident in Cambodia

I remember correctly and I had just have dinner with friends and I went to head home, on the way home I guess I had accident, but I woke up at hospital

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Love and the Race Against Time

Late into the night, a foreign customer suffered an accidental injury. After being rescued, he was found to have sustained facial fractures. In order to ensure the success rate, the plastic surgeons recommend that all surgeries be completed within two weeks. Yet, with a mere six days remaining, the patient still hesitated uneasily - wondering whether it would be better to go to Hong Kong for medical treatment.

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Our life long desire: Taking care of the ones we love

When a family member is hospitalized, even if we stay constantly by their side, we can still feel completely helpless. With the MSH 24-hour emergency medical aid, as well as a specialist medical team, we can safely entrust our loved ones to the best care in China and around the world.

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The Value of Life

On the plane, the husband couldn’t wake his wife up and then realized his wife was not breathing and had no pulse. Aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing at airport

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Love is like Gentle Breeze in Hot Summer

We received a call from a member asking for help. She sounded so helpless and desperate, cannot even pull together a full sentence. She had suddenly suffered from high fever, abdominal pain, and felt very week. As her husband was away on a business trip, she was all alone and no one can take care of her

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