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2013-03-26 17:16:49

Dear Fanny,
Thank you for all the support we received as we journeyed through the troubles and traumas of the prospective brain operation.
Happily my wife is now assured that the operation to remove the cyst is only necessary if her vision deteriorates.
Thank also Ms.Gu for her help and assistance at Huashan Hospital.
Best wishes John & Amelyn



Dear Helen ,

I am impressed for your efficiency . Not easy to find a person like you. Well since I am here I did not found yet.. Ahaha your company should consider you as a good source .. I might have a referent I will make good comments about you.


Have a nice evening too :)



Dear Jasmine,

This morning I paid the co-payment for my treatments in Taiwan.  Thanks for arranging to have the service brought to my door and finding out what the total amount was that I owed.  It's all very convenient.

As you may know, my insurance with MSHChina has ended Dec. 31.  It has been nice having you help me through the last 1.5 years or so.  I just wanted to say thanks again for your patience, service, advice and help.  It has really made my stay in China better, especially since your job is to help people when they really need help to get medical attention when they need it in a country that is foreign and not familiar to them.

In my opinion, you do your job very well.

Good luck in to you in the new year.


Mark Beyer


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