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MSH CHINA Received the GE China “2013 Best Service Award”

2014-09-27 16:26:51

2014/06/26 “GE China Supplier Day”, MSH CHINA is selected from thousands of suppliers to receive the GE China “2013 Best Service Award”.


In an ever-changing marketplace, MSH CHINA holds on to its original purpose and specialized focus and continues to gain reputation in the market; as well as the respect and approval of its clients.

As business partner to GE China for a decade, MSH CHINA has maintained a close working relationship and has continuously provided excellent service and continuous innovation; thank you GE China for ten years of faith and trust.


“MSH CHINA provides an excellent high-end global medical insurance service to GE China. With its local roots and continuous growth, it is expanding into major cities across the country; combined with its international direct billing network, MSH CHINA is able to provide personal caring service to its clients. It also enables medical staff to fulfill their requirements of providing quick, convenient and efficient high quality service, day in and day out. Furthermore, the medical advice provided to staff and guidance regarding seeking medical treatment, etc. is also extremely helpful. This is a very important factor in GE being able to attract and retaining key talents. ”

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