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54 New Direct Billing Providers Added in Q3, 2014

2014-09-28 16:26:03
 Beijing 20 new hospitals  Shanghai 4 new hospitals  Changchun 1 new hospital
 Qingdao 1 new hospital  Hongkong 1 new hospital  Thailand 4 new hospitals
 Laos 1 new hospital  Vietnam 1 new hospital  Singapore 21 new hospitals

佳美口腔 (北京16家诊所,上海1家诊所)
Jiamei Dental (Beijing 16 Clinics, Shanghai 1 Clinic)

Jiamei Dental is affiliated to Beijing Jiamei Hospital Administration Corporation. It is the first large-scale and modern chain operation dental health care institution in China. Founded in 1993, it is a joint venture company set up by the China Jiamei Group, British Martin Currie Investment Administration Corporation and the United State Haina Asian Fund of Venture. Jiamei Dental adopts the world-leading dental techniques. In addition, Equipped with a series of independent intellectual properties, superior high-level dental health care expert team, expert operation management team and several hundreds of professional doctors and care team, it has broken the traditional domestic medical service pattern and has launched the professional dental health care projects based on its more than ten years’ dental health care experience and abundant medical techniques resources. Jiamei Dental persists in innovation and it has become the first dental health care institution in China which uses the comprehensive digital diagnosis and treatment technology. It exclusively launches the professional dental medical health care system, leading the fashionable dental health care new idea. At present, it has owned 50 directly managed outpatient clinics in the major domestic cities and 310,000 life members which make its dental health care cases and database being the largest in the world.

Over the recent years, Jiamei Dental has obtained a lot of awards. In 2010, Harvard University Business School put it as the annual business case because of its small capital fund investment, huge market potential, foreign capital introduction, chain operation business model. It has drawn the high attention of the capitals and various experts from China and abroad, what’s more, over 100 medium such as the Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, CNN, Forbes, the Times had given exclusive interview to Jiamei Dental. All in all, now Jiamei Dental is moving forward to become the international capital market at an amazing speed.

1. General Treatment: Teeth cleaning, Microscopic root canal treatment, extraction, Oral surgery including surgical correction of lingual frenum, Fixed Plasty, Debridement suturing, lumpectomy etc.
2. Exclusive characteristic oral examination: depends on digital oral CT, digital panoramic machine and other special dental devices which can shoot high-definition panoramic X-rays, make a comprehensive dental check-up of hidden focuses.
3. Dental Implant.
4. Orthodontics: The traditional fixed orthodontic, Fashionable Invisible Orthodontics、Orthodontic treatment with ceramic brace, invisalign, Orthodontic treatment with lingual brace.
5. Dental Cosmetic Restoration: Casing ceramic crowns, Resin veneers、Porcelain veneers.
6. Pediatric Dentistry: Filling of dental caries、Pit and fissure sealant, Topical Fluoride , and Oral health care direction.

Address: 4th floor, building B,Investment Square, Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
Website: http://wwwmshjiameidental.com/
Appointment Tel: 4006 509 970
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00 - 20:00



Introduction to PKU Health Management Center

PKU Health Management Center is a high-end professional organization for comprehensive health management.

Founded in 2008, PKU Health management Center is one of core business under the PKU Healthcare Group, a joint venture between PKU Health Science Center and Founder Group.

Backed by all PKU Medical School, PKU Health Management Center offers professional health service and clinical services.

Health examination, Health assessment;
Health Education, nutrition and fitness training;
Dental clinic, General out-patient, appointment and referral;
Health Butler, Private physicians;

Address: Xinsheng bulding#B,on 1st to 3rd floors, 5  Financial Street, Xicheng District,Beijing, China
Appointment Tel: 4006 603 886
Opening Time: Tuesday to Saturday 7:45 - 9:45 
Appointment Time: Monday to Friday 8:00 - 18:00 
Website: http://wwwmshyijiandian.com/


Oasis International Hospital

OASIS International Hospital was established in 2011, it is a full-service private hospital in Beijing. Our international medical team provides patient-centered care with the support of leading technology in a modern facility designed for the comfort, safety and privacy of our guests. OASIS is dedicated to improving quality of health and

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