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Love and the Race Against Time

2014-06-23 15:49:28

Late into the night, a foreign customer suffered an accidental injury. After being rescued, he was found to have sustained facial fractures. In order to ensure the success rate, the plastic surgeons recommend that all surgeries be completed within two weeks. Yet, with a mere six days remaining, the patient still hesitated uneasily - wondering whether it would be better to go to Hong Kong for medical treatment.

To prepare for any such possible need, MSH CHINA searched online for a maxillofacial orthopedic specialist in Hong Kong for him to consider. When the customer made his final decision to go to Hong Kong for his treatment, we provided him with detailed information on the recommended physician, and the next day he was on his way to HK.

By the time he arrived, MSH CHINA had successfully sifted through multiple network resources on the patient’s behalf and provided him with two maxillofacial and orthopedic specialists to choose from. After comparing, the patient selected the expert of his choice; however, as fate would have it, that specialist’s earliest opening was 5 days hence. MSH CHINA once again sprang into action, and finally, through various channels, had extraordinarily arranged for the client to be seen the next day.

After the first visit, it became evident that the patient’s condition was more serious than anticipated, and he needed to be advanced quickly through the consultation process. Our MSH team urgently examined our databases and identified yet another Hong Kong specialist who not only saw him, but also completed all preoperative examinations that very day.

On his third day in HK, the surgeries were smoothly carried out at Canossa Hospital; moreover, due to time constraints, MSH CHINA quickly contacted the hospital and arranged the direct payment process details.

With the surgery successfully completed, the patient flew back to Shanghai having spent only four brief days in Hong Kong. Everything was put in proper order by MSH CHINA, allowing the extremely satisfied client to leave all worries behind him.

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