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MSH China successfully passed the ISO9001 surveillance and assessment in 2012

2013-03-27 10:55:07


During November 14th to November 19th in 2012, MSH China and its Beijing Branch successfully passed the surveillance and assessment by quality certification body BUREAU VERITAS on ISO 9001.


With last year's certification and audit experience, this time every department in MSH China acted in a calm manner, with the responsibility and seriousness we always have, as it'd been said by chairman Mao "united, tightened, serious, active at proper times". The audit was processed in an "internal to external" order.


In late September, most departments finished the internal audit and each received many insightful advices. External audit of BUREAU VERITAS officially began on November 14th. First they complimented our detailed internal audit and then pointed out that over the year since our successful certification, the quality system had been perfected in MSH China and every project had been conformed to the quality standard. Nevertheless, they suggested some improvements which we attached great importance to and would certainly carry out in the work ahead. Eventually, we successfully passed the ISO quality system certification.


Only with the attitude of modesty will MSH China find its own defects, standardize, normalize and scientize its routine work, thus provide better services for clients. In the perfection of MSH China’s service, we still have a long way to go, but we believe that with the constant progress and impetus from ISO, we will continue to march forward without ceasing.


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