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2014-03-20 14:07:57

Shanghai Shu Guang Hospital VIP Department (Eastern Branch)


Zhu Guomiao
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Senior traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and massage doctor of Shuguang hospital in Shanghai who ever worked in traditional Chinese medicine hospital in Anhui province and massage department of Yueyang hospital in Shanghai. He is the senior examinant of Shanghai Labor Bureau for evaluating massagists, the member of the  professional team of  sports bureau of shanghai for the consultancy of athletic injury. He has successfully finished the treatment for many top athletes including many world champions such as Liu Xiang, Liu Zige, Pang Jiaying, Lu Ying, Xu Jiali.  In recent years, he has published 18 academic papers in both English and Chinese journals, more than 500 general scientific articles and monographs with more than 300 million letters. A typical one is called “daily conditioning of common disease”. 

He initiated a way to treat spine which is characterized by applying herbalist doctor's massage correctitude bone theory and acupuncture and acupotomology therapy in the treatment of diseases such as cervical spondylopathy, stiff-neck, myofascitis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, headache and dizzy, prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, acute lumbar muscle sprain, chronic lumbar strain, tennis elbow, knee arthritis, sport injury of bone and muscle, refractory insomnia, dysmenorrheal, chronic fatigue syndrome, sub-health.

Consulting time: forenoon of Tuesday and Thursday, afternoon of Friday
Consulting place: Massage Department, 2nd floor of outpatient building, Shuguang east Branch (NO.528 , Zhangheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai)

Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital International Medical center

Zhang, Changqing
Archiater, Professor

Professor, Archiater, Doctor of Medicine(M.D.), Doctoral supervisor, the vice-president of the 6th people’s hospital,the head of the clinical medicine center of traumatic orthopedics, director for the microsurgery institution of limbs. 

Editors of multiple magazines such as JBJS, undertook and finished more than 10 municipal and national research projects, published more than 160 papers including more than 60 SCI papers, 12 monographs, 5 monographs. He has devoted himself in the research of refractory disease and biological material of orthopedics. He plays a vanguard role in clinical practice of free vascularized fibular flap grafting. He has completed more than 2000 cases. More than 80% successful rate has made him reach the international advanced level. Surpassing the amount of one-year surgery cases compared to Duke University makes him rank the first in the world. He has been named to one of the top 10 best doctors in shanghai.


Dong, Yang

Executive Officer of orthopaedic surgical oncology, archiater, professor, the member of ISOLS (International Society of Limb Salvage) and international AO society, the tumor group member of shanghai branch of Chinese medical association. He has devoted himself in the clinical therapy and research in traumatic orthopedics, bone tumour and bone disease for nearly 30 years. During this time, he has been to Switzerland, France, Germany, America and Britain to make the academic communication with the experts there. He has published more than 60 papers in domestic and foreign authoritative magazines, edited one monograph and translated one monograph. Besides, he presided over a scientific research project of the Shanghai municipal party committee and won several national invention patents. He is good at recognizing bone tumors, mainly in the spinal, pelvic, bones of arms and legs, benign and malignant bone and soft tissue tumors treatment, especially for limb-salvage of malignant bone tumors.


Suzhou BenQ International Medical Center

Li Xinglong
Study Experience:The private university of Chinese medicine in Taichung (Taiwan), Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Malaya University
Work Experience:Malaysia traditional Chinese and western medicine clinic, Director of Nanjing Benq Hospital international medical center, Taiwan Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Kuala Lumpur Central Hospital (Malaysia), Affiliated hospital of Malaysia University, Taiwan Taichung Cheng Ching Hospital
1. Health Management
2. Advanced Cardiac Life Support
3. Internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics
4. Integrative Medicine
5. Effective treatment of various muscle, soft tissue, and joint pain, migraine headache, insomnia, anxiety, etc.
6. English, mandarin, Malaysian, Cantonese, Hokkien 
Taiwan Taichung China pharmaceutical university; Bachelor
Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine; Doctor
Nanjing new traditional Chinese medicine research institute based in Malaysia; Lecturer, Associate Dean of Foreign Experts


Hong Yingcan 
ENT, Taiwanese ENT Specialist
Study Experience: Pass Test of Educational Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates of America
Work Experience: Chief Doctor of Otolaryngology in Nanjing BenQ Hospital, Director of Nanjing Benq Hospital international medical center, ENT specialist OF Kaohsiung veterans general hospital
Specialties: Stuffy nose, nasal polyps, Nosebleeds, Nose pus, Storage sinusitis, Allergic rhinitis, Earache, Earplugs, Ear discharging, Hearing impairment, Acute or chronic otitis media, Dizzy, Strep throat, Husky, Pain and difficulty swallowing, Head and neck tumors and tumors, Nose of head and neck surgery tumors, Endoscopic sinusitis surgery, Children with allergies, ENT diseases, Ear microsurgery, Diagnosis and surgical treatment for throat cancer, ENT of all kinds of disease diagnosis and local treatment; Head and neck surgery at nose cancer surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery, pediatric allergic. Ent diseases, ear microsurgery, throat cancer diagnosis and surgery, all kinds of ENT disease diagnosis and local treatment
Honor: ENT medical association members in Taiwan


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