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Our life long desire: Taking care of the ones we love

2014-03-20 14:09:02

When a family member is hospitalized, even though we may stay continually by their side, we can still feel completely helpless. With the MSH year-round around the clock 24-hour emergency medical aid, as well as a specialist medical team, we can safely entrust our loved one to the care of MSH.

With New Year’s Eve of the year of the horse in sight, Mr. Wang is admitted into the hospital’s emergency ward because of severeedema in his lower limbs below the waist. After the doctor examines him he is immediately transferred to the emergency unit. At this time his condition suddenly turns dangerous, so he is again transferred to the emergency unit for first aid treatment. His final diagnosis by the hospital is stage 3 hypertension (high risk), and they want him to beimmediately transferred to the ICU for treatment. With her loved one in critical condition, Mrs. Wang completely forgets the joy of New Year’s Eve.

The specialized medical terms make her head spin, the hospital doesn't have beds available and it’s hard to arrange a place for him. Continuing on requires a large amount of money and a strong heart, but Mrs. Wang is not fighting it alone. Grace, an MSH medical commissioner, and Nancy, an MSH hospital representative are continually by her side. They help her over all sorts of administrative hurdles and get in contact with MSH network hospitals for her. They arrange doctors from different hospitals to provide the patient with multiple consultations and have discussions with the hospital in order to arrange the best treatment plan. After five days, early in the morning, he is successfully transferred to the ICU at Fu Wai hospital. Tina, an MSH customer service representative also rushes to the hospital to pay a visit; Mrs. Wang’s care group is enlarged once again.

It is three days before New Year’s Eve; Grace is concerned that the holidays may delay remittance for Mr. Wang’s medical expenses causing a possible delay in his treatment. She once again goes to Fu Wai hospital and confirms the sufficiency of the advanced fees; she also consults with a doctor about the next step in the treatment plan. The doctor declares that Mr. Wang’s medical condition has stabilized and that he is ready to be discharged. Upon receiving this news, everyone is overjoyed. Without a second thought, Gracehelps Mrs. Wang to make the direct billing payments and to complete all the necessary discharge formalities.

It is finally at this point that Mrs. Wang experiences great relief and shares the last couple of days of emotional turbulence with Grace. She shares about the days and nights filled with anxiety and the fear, the greatest fear being that of losing her loved one at any time. Still, despite all pain, what she mentions over and over again is her heartfelt gratitude.

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