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What services can MSH CHINA members experience in Hong Kong?

2014-04-07 14:08:53

MSH CHINA has forged upfront-payment cooperative-agreement contracts with leading medical institutions, creating a network of nearly 700 hospitals and clinics canvasing the whole of Hong Long, Kowloon, New Territories, and outlying Islands; thus, MSH CHINA provides you with not only the most convenient medical choices for inpatient treatment, but also guaranteed upfront-payment hospital amenities/services to enjoy. All you need to do is pay your bill upfront upon discharge, without additional costs.


Comprised of more than 800 general practitioners and 400 specialists (covering over 30 specialties), our Hong Kong network directly offers you the most professional and comprehensive examination, diagnosis, and treatment access without requiring a GP letter of referral. Whether a scheduled appointment or an emergency, you can be admitted directly, including to institutions such as HK Sanatorium and Hospital, Matilda, Adventist, St. Teresa's, St. Paul's, Canossa and Union Hospitals, and renown advanced-treatment private hospitals.

All you need to inquire is to log in to my.mshasia.com for our territory-wide medical service search tools, providing you with our complete network's physician-news and background information, house call hours, and appointment scheduling contact information at a glance. You can choose treatment at the most suitable medical facility for you, based on your geographical location and personal needs. In addition, you can call us at out local Hong Kong 24/7 service hotline (852-30697568) and a professional customer service representative will answer your personal benefits, claims status, medical institution and services questions, as well as provide you with additional fast and efficient medical assistance and support services.


With 13 years of local services experience, MSH CHINA has been a leading high-end health insurance services provider in China, and developed links and direct billing partnerships with 1,500 hospitals in 38 major cities all over China.
MSH CHINA has reached an agreement with the Bank of China Group Insurance Co Ltd(Hong Kong) that MSH CHINA’s one stop high-end medical insurance products will be launched in the first quarter of 2014 in Hong Kong, which is a milestone for MSH CHINA in Hong Kong, even in Asia, providing comprehensive, high-end medical insurance packages to employees who travel internationally and expatriates stationed in China.
Besides, depending on the hospital network which covers more than 150 countries in 6 continents, over 860,000 hospital providers, MSH CHINA ensures our high-end medical services will be delivered to each and every customer whenever and wherever you are.



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