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The Value of Life

2013-12-23 10:08:01

Home is the place where your heart resides. Our fast-paced, modern lifestyle caused us to lose direction in life. Sometimes we simply need someone who will be there for us. It’s always nice to be home especially when we get sick.

It was early autumn, a couple with a two-year-old were onboard a plane from Shanghai to Canada. Everyone was asleep during this long-haul flight. When they almost arrived their destination, husband realized that he couldn’t wake his 37 year-old wife up. The flight attendants informed the husband that the wife was not breathing and had no pulse. Aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing at Canadian airport.

After a 5-min CPR,the wife was suffered from 4 to 10 minutes cerebral hypoxiaresulted in vegetative state. In order to assist her breathing, tracheostomy was performed. She was then transferred to ICU (intensive care unit). Although her signs of life returned, and could breathe independently, she was diagnosed with cardiopulmonary syndrome, and was in a coma.

Both of the couple are Chinese citizens. With a sense of helplessness as a foreigner, the husband would like to transfer his wife back to Shanghai. According to the terms of insurance, no transferring fee would be insured unless no treatment was being provided to the patient. MSH staff understood how the husband felt. We tried our best to fight for their benefit. Even though the transportation fee still wasn’t insured, husband accepted the offer from MSH that his wife’s safety was on the top priority.

Due to the instability of air pressure, it would be difficult for the wife (with her trachea being cut open) to take regular aircraft back to Shanghai. They have to choose private air ambulance. For Chinese air ambulance transfer, family members need to pay a back-and-forth round trip fee for the whole medical team to fly over to Canada. Such fee is incredibly expensive to the family. MSH CHINA mobilized their whole team to search and explore all kinds of options for this family. After an extensive search, a Canadian medical jet charter agreed to take the wife under one condition; a hospital admission certification must be issued to the aircraft company once they arrive at China airport.

Here comes another obstacle; which hospital in Shanghai is suitable to take the wife? The hospital should meet the following criteria: 1. hyperbaric oxygen treatment provision; 2. experienced rescue team for cardiacarrest andapneasyndrome. MSH CHINA team looked through all hospitals in Shanghai and finally decided to place the wife in the Shanghai First People's Hospital.

Up to this moment, the wife is in stable condition. She can open her eyes occasionally, and able to move her limbs. Yet she still has not regained full awareness. MSH CHINA will continue to explore other options for better treatment for the wife.

MSH CHINA placed a little bear beside the wife’s bed. We hope this little bear would bring courage and hope to this family; we hope that our love can warm this unfortunate family; we also hope that the wife will regain consciousness, and reunited with her family pretty soon.

No one knows what will happen next. We should cherish people around us. MSH China values every opportunity to serve our customers. As we are not separated individual, we treat our customers like family. Like a mother holding a crying baby in her arms. In time of darkness, may our love give you warmth and heals you no matter where you are. MSH CHINA will continue to be there every single step of your way!

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