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2013-12-23 11:09:11
Shanghai First People's Hospital International Medical Care Center

Male, IMCC Director, chief physician of internal medicine

Dr.Shen has been a doctor for more than 20 years. He has rich clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of various kinds of difficult diseases in general internal medicine, especially in cardio-vascular, metabolic disease and geriatric disease. He had studied in the United States for two years and can speak fluent English.

LU Jianhong
Female, chief physician of Respiratory Medicine, MA

Dr.Lu specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases (bronchial asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung infections and chronic cough etc.) and complicated lung problems. She is also specialized in the psychological intervention for tobacco-dependent behavior.

LI Ying
Female, associate physician of Hematology Department

Dr.Li has been a physician in general internal medicine in IMCC since1995. She is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of internal medical problems. She can speak fluent English, and is responsible for the design of the VIP group and individual health check program. She is your best health consultant.


Shanghai Quyang Hospita-VIP Department

JIANG Qingchun
Obstetrics and gynecology chief physician

Graduated from Shanghai Medical University and work on obstetrics and gynecology about 40 years, he held the posts of deputy director of Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of Shanghai First People's Hospital , professor of BengBu Medical College and Research Section of Gynecology and Obstetrics and member of Research Section of Women's professional committee of rehabilitation.

He has long been engaged in teaching and research work of gynecology and obstetrics and is especially well-versed in clinical and scientific research work in the field of Benign gynecological and gynecologic malignant tumor. In recent years she has carried out research of the older women incontinence and has solved many middle and old aged women's stress urinary incontinence.

Lou Qiang
Deputy director physicians of Pain Department

Graduated from Shandong university of medical sciences ,has been work in pain treatment about 20 years,he held the posts of deputy director of Department of Pain of Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital . He has been to Canada and America for learning..He is the member of the china branch of the world pain association, and member of Shanghai Society of Anesthesiologists pain study group.

After years of clinical practice, he has accumulated a wealth of pain clinics and management experience. And has a unique insights of a variety of chronic, intractable pain diagnosis, especially good at minimally invasive pain treatment. He has a profound understanding of the pain and always at the forefront of development of the subject. He led hospital's Pain Department use of new technologies for many pain patients to relieve pain.


Shanghai Renai International Medical Center

LI Changtang
Head of General surgery, Surgeon

Dr. Li was graduated from Shanghai Medical University, he has Over 15years clinical experience about various kinds general surgeries. PPH hemorrhoids surgery, surgery for anal fistula, anal fissure, perianal abscess, rectal polyps, minimally invasive surgery for underarm odor and breast lumps, herniorrhaphy, removal of metallic foreign body from soft tissue, small incision cholecystectomy, varicose vein surgery and thyroid related surgery etc.

YUAN Dezheng
Gynecologist, MD

Dr. Yuan has over than 30 years of clinical experience in China and abroad. She is an honored Member of the Chinese Medical Association and the Shanghai Second Medical University Association. Dr. Yuan was praised on her academic papers in the domestic official medical magazine, and has participated in national academic exchange. In 1996-1998 she was selected by the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau to join the Chinese medical delegation to Africa and Morocco.


Good Moonhaw Hospital

Good Moonhwa Hospital with its 14 specialized centers including Gynecologic Endoscopic Surgery Center, Infertility Center, Aesthetic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center, Breast Center and Genetic Research Center, Congential Malformations of Female Reproductive Organ Center, is known as the best and the largest woman special hospital in the region as the 6th grade of outpatient number in OBGY, 5th grade of outpatient number in Aesthetic, Plastic surgery care in Korea. GMH has been the pioneer in regional medical development through events such as succeeding in the first test tube baby in a private medical institution (1992), successful first gynecologic laparoscopic surgery(1993), successfully reanastomosing 10 amputated fingers(1995), successfully bringing extremely low birth weight babies of 670g and 680g into life (2001, 2007) and exceeding 8,000 cases of breast patients annually.

More than 101,810 cases of deliveries, 20,500 cases of gynecologic endoscopic surgeries and 2,600 cases of infertility treatments including test tube babies and various assisted reproductive treatments have been performed at GMH.

24hours care- emergency room care

Obstetrics/Pediatrics care( Specilist is stationed in the hospital 24hours)

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