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2013-12-23 10:09:24

To MSH CHINA General Manager,

My name is Howard Xu. I got my health insurance through Beijing FESCO in 2004. I am also a general manager in a Germany owned enterprise located at Shanghai Songjiang. Because of my location, I prefer going to Shanghai First People’s Hospital (at Songjiang) for my medical treatment.

According to my health check-up report in April, it indicated that I had two severe aortic blockages which required a minimally invasive surgery with stenting placement. Pre surgical application has been submitted to your company at that time. Since I have no medical background, I trusted that the doctor there would take good care of my situation. The day before we locked down my surgery date, Julin Yang, from MSH medical department, called and recommended me to get a second opinion from Zhongshan Hospital. She referred me two of the specialist physicians, and was nice enough to arrange a medical consultant to company me for registration and physician consultation. After a thorough examination done by Zhongshan; to my surprise, the Cardiology experts suggested that I could be treated plainly with medication and no need to go through surgery. Not only did I prevent the pain from surgery, but also avoid the negative effects that may occur due to the placement of the stent. Since then, I insisted having my treatment at Zhongshan Hospital, and continued to receive my medication via MSH health plan.

Julin’s professional judgment help me not only chose the best medical treatment, but enhance the quality of my care. Julin also saved your company for unnecessary expenses. You can tell by the differences between my May and June medical expenses. Julin did an excellent job on balancing the two contradictory elements; customer’s satisfaction verses saving money for the company. To achieve such balance, one requires astrong sense of responsibility and a mind full of wisdom.

I'd also like to take this opportunityto thank Linda Wan, Julin’scolleague, for handling my phone call whileJulin was not available. Linda has been attentive, proactive and caring towards my case. Her professional judgment and effectiveness result in many satisfactoryarrangements.

Please kindly convey my gratitude to the above employees. You must be proud of having such excellent staff in your company.

Yours sincerely,

Howard Xu

Dec 4, 2013

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