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MSH CHINA launches one stop, high-end medical insurance products in Hong Kong

2014-01-03 17:15:44

MSH CHINA has reached an agreement with the Bank of China Group Insurance Co Ltd(Hong Kong) that MSH CHINA’s one stop high-end medical insurance products will be launched for the first quarter of 2014 in Hong Kong.

Having named the world's top financial center, Hong Kong draws many multinational enterprises for business and investment. It is necessary for companies to provide comprehensive, high-end medical insurance packages to employees who travel internationally and expatriates stationed in China.

Compare with similar products in Hong Kong market, MSH CHINA not only has the world's largest medical service network, the company’s roots also run deep in China for many years. With 13 years of local services experiences, MSH CHINA develop links and direct billing partnerships with prestigious hospitals all over China. We continue to expand our medical service network to different provinces to ensure our high-end medical services will be delivered to each and every customer in a simple and convenient way.

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