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Safeguard Foreign Newborns in COVID-19 Pandemic

2020-04-07 17:44:38

Delivery room in a famous public hospital in Shanghai, February 18, 2020--a loud cry sounded all of a sudden. This cry announced the arrival of a newborn, which had been nothing but ordinariness. However, it dispelled fatigue and worry which had lasted for days amid the sweeping pandemic like warmth in spring chill.

However, who would have thought that the baby’s mother and her families still despaired of getting medical advice more than ten days ago.


In earlier February, there was a chilly spring.

If the pandemic did not abruptly break out and recklessly sweep the world, the mother who was a foreigner would have looked forward to the birth of the baby at the earliest.

Both the mother and her husband were foreign teachers from Shanghai Xiehe Education Group, Wenzhou Campus. As the expected date of confinement was impending, the family that had anticipated the arrival of the newborn with delight were caught in depression.

The couple planned to head for Shanghai from Wenzhou before taking a flight back home and delivering the baby there. However, they were rejected by airlines out of safety for the baby was considered at term. They had no choice but stayed in the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

Any tiny event in history can bring tremendous amount of change to individuals.

The couple were in a dilemma.

They thought of returning to their residence in Wenzhou. But on one hand, China’s bullet trains were decommissioned; on the other hand, the anti-pandemic situation in Wenzhou was unpredictable. While, about staying in Shanghai, they had no idea of which hospital can accommodate them and whether the hospital was safe. What’s worse, due to the language barrier, they found it hard to follow pandemic and assistance information that came from China’s official sources in time and they were reduced into a panic-stricken mess thereupon.

Under such critical circumstances, luckily, HR and relevant leaders from the Shanghai Xiehe Education Group coordinated various resources and channels and resorted to its long-term partner MSH--a high-end health insurance service provider immediately after being informed of situation.


MSH Account Manager determined to take actions instantly after receiving the call for help dated February 2 even though she did not return to work at the moment. Despite the quarantine, we have kept standing by and caring our customers as promised, which has been an unwritten principle upheld by MSH employees at all levels.

So, she contacted the foreign couple that stayed in the airport in no time to follow their latest situation and reassure them. Under the help of fellow workers from the medical department, Xin reached out to many private medical institutions and hospitals specialized in obstetrics in the MSH medical network and inquired about their clinical reception in aid of the couple to screen the best fit hospital for delivery.

Besides, she took the initiative to contact the couple, talk to and care them like one of their old friends every day. Furthermore, she invited professionals from the medical department to keep rendering medical interpretation and communication service to them while staying in tight communication with HR from the Shanghai Xiehe Education Group to report progress to and discuss on what to do next with each other in due time.

In that case, the couple were no longer “isolated on an island”. Instead, they turned into to-be parents who were loved and blessed. They got rid of panic and ultimately gave birth to a healthy baby boy in a distinguished public hospital under coordinated effort of MSH.

The story was ended in a heartwarming way in spite of a horrible start.


Holding the baby, the new mom notified MSH of the good news via WeChat in a friendly tone: “We made it! I'd like to thank all of you for your company all the way. It seems that we had known each other for a long time though we never met before.” The new mom intended to save the WeChat message to tell her baby born in such exceptional circumstances in the future:

“Dear baby,

you had been loved by some strangers before you were born.”


A dozen days may be a short period, during which, we witnessed four deaths of the director Chang Kai, which was an incredible sorrow.

But on the other hand, a dozen days may be a such a long period that gave a lifelong memory to the foreign couple experiencing both fear and hope for the newborn.

Although we cannot judge the duration of time for you and control the situation either, we can focus on what is happening right now and meet your medical needs only with the purpose of sparing more from miseries.

The President and HR of the Group expressed sincere gratitude to MSH in the Moments and e-mail:

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