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MSH Hospital Representatives Will Always Stand by Your Side Through Difficult Times

2013-06-04 10:04:43

On an ordinary day of May 2013, one of our clients, a Pakistan was celebrating the birth of his child while the whole family was overwhelmed with joy and happiness. By the third day after the delivery, tragedy struck. The new mother suddenly suffered intense pain of red and swollen lower legs as well as general weakness. Our client immediately brought his wife to Beijing China-Japan friendship hospital where doctors referred her to emergency department right after learning her circumstances and required the patient to be hospitalized without delay. As all the wards in the international medical center were occupied, our client’s wife can only stay in general ward for the time being.


It turned out that the new Pakistani mother got a rare disease called thrombosis in lower extremities which is highly risky. According to an expertise in China-Japan friendship hospital, this is only the second case of the year. The first patient appeared with serious complication and left a severe sequel. If not taken care of immediately, the thrombosis in lower extremities may flow to the other parts of body in any time. if it flows to lump, then it will become pulmonary embolism, heart, myocardial infarction or brain, cerebral embolism. Embolism in any part is potentially fatal.  

Direct billing is not working in the general ward of public hospital so our client need to pay a deposit for hospitalization. Hearing the news, Susy, our representative in the China-Japan friendship hospital rushed to the patient’s bedside and consoled her. The patient and her family felt it hard to get the best rest and safety concerning the environment, language, service and culture provided in the general ward of the public hospital. In this case, Susy called his friend, a Canadian doctor, told the patient’s condition. After learning the situation, two doctors informed the patient and his family via phone that while the disease is rarely seen, it’s their best choice to stay in China-Japan friendship hospital as no better medical resources could be found elsewhere. Eventually the patient accepted the treatment in the general department of the public hospital.

Then it was surgery. The surgery lasted from the 12 noon to 7 pm during which Susy stayed with the family for the longest 7 hours in their lives, praying and crying together. When the mother came out of the operation room safely, the long-waited husband and our hospital representative hold the mother’s hand tightly, congratulating on her escape from death. In the following days of hospitalization, Susy not only arranged direct-billing and guarantee of the hospitalization expenses but also visited the patient 8 am every morning and after work until 10 pm. As the patient is Muslim and there is no Muslim restaurant in the China-Japan friendship hospital, Susy used her own money to buy Muslin food and brought them to the patient.

Through the whole treatment, the patient stayed in the hospital for ten days during which the patient could have chose the international ward instead of general ward. However, the patient was used to see Susy in the general ward. 


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