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2013-06-04 10:10:12

Dear Customer Service,

I wanted to drop a line to give a much appreciated "THANK YOU" to MSH Insurance and the VP of Service at your customer center. I had an accident last week and the only person next to me at the Hospital was Ada and I felt she has taken enough care of me more like a family member. I have to say that I am absolutely amazed with the Hospitality and a proud customer of MSH Insurance and like to highlight your staff and service is just unbeatable.

I experienced some AMAZING customer service from your employee Ada who I have been interacting through my entire check up at the hospital/phone calls. The professionalism and courtesy provided by her is unparallel in today's business world. I wish other Insurance companies would take lessons from you on how to take care of their customers. I asked Ada and Fenny so many questions, and they were very knowledgeable in how to answer the questions and were even able to suggest different ways to get better and stay fit. I will recommend MSH Insurance to all of my friends for a fabulous energy rate as well as the excellent customer service for support. Ada & Fenny helped me understand a complex situation, even explained it twice because I didn't get it the first time. They were very patient, followed up with me promptly and, most importantly, made me a very satisfied customer. I have received unbelievable service from her.

Ada - This may sound trite or overused as a phrase or sentiment, but for me, it's really the truth.....This type of EXCELLENT and timely response is one of the reasons it's a PLEASURE to do be a happy patient and will definitely pass the word of mouth that you are on top of things as an Hospital, and really make folks feel special.....!!!

Shravan Kumar

From an international manufacturing company






I am writing this to say my BIG Thank You to one of MSH representative Susy at China Japan Friendship Hospital.

I have been using MSH insurance for more than 2 years now and have been to different hospitals with MSH direct billing and with MSH representatives, but I have never had such wonderful support and help as I did from Susy. She is a very kind and very helpful person and tries to go the distance to help in every aspect.

She treated me and specially my wife just like her family and helped us go through the difficult time in the hospital. From the time she has been transferred to China Japan Friendship Hospital I feel more comfortable going to that hospital instead of any other because I know Susy will be there to help us.

Susy is an excellent person and would be a great asset to MSH in for building customer relationship and the company image.

I again say a BIG Thank You to Susy and MSH for having such a helpful person as your representative at China Japan Friendship Hospital.


Kashif Amin

From an international IT company



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