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New MSH Elite Choice Plan Now Available

2016-04-01 13:26:33

For many, making a visit to the doctor’s or accompanying family members in hospitals is an equally arduous task. Apart from the uneven distribution of quality medical care, unsatisfactory hospital environment, having to rely on connections to seek a hospital bed, the trouble of seeing a doctor is almost akin to undertaking the Spring Festival travel rush. With ever increasing healthcare costs and higher out of pocket expenses, seeking medical help has now become a luxury that few can ill to afford. If you have a insurance plan that can help you solve these issues whilst keeping the premiums affordable to a middle income family, would you regret not taking it up at the first chance you had?

CCIC and MSH CHINA launched a new product aimed at the middle income group with its trademark high coverage and quality services but with an emphasis on affordability through careful product design - the Elite Choice Plan.

CCIC-MSH Elite Choice Plan is a breakthrough from the restrictions of social security where you can seek medical treatment in other cities and have access to imported medications and treatments not listed on the social security scheme. The plan also covers the international and VIP departments of top local public hospitals and you can also upgrade your plan to a Greater China Plan with overseas emergency assistant coverage. Meanwhile, the product provides annual coverage up to $2 million and coverage of $500,000 for catastrophic illnesses and a maximum of $2,000 can be claimed for daily hospitalisation fees.

Other than these attractive features, the MSH Elite Choice Plan allows you to enjoy high-end service with affordable price, like direct billing, VIP service, appointment service, representative’s service in network hospitals, and medical consultation, 24-hour call centre, dedicated account manager, pharmacy delivery service, etc.

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