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Pair coffee with cheese, Enjoy your peace and health!

2013-03-21 10:31:22


Drinking coffee is an important part of modern people’s life. As the agrypnotic in the workplace, the lubricant in social occasions or the catalyst of romance and passion in daily life, coffee has become an irreplaceable beverage for any occasions. 


It’s said that there are about ten varieties of tasty coffee in the world:


1. Mocha: New York flavor is richly awaken in the elaborate cups;
2. Mint Mocha: It is made by pouring tepid coffee on cold cream. Then, cold cream will float up and left the tepid coffee in the lower layer. 
Do not stir it and the temperature of each layer is different and will keep constant. You will enjoy a distinctive flavor. Mint-chocolate coffee, made by mixing mint and coffee of suitable proportions, is quite popular among Americans; 
3. Cappuccino: Its color is similar to that of hoods worn by Italian monks and thus it is named as “Cappuccino” (Cream-added Coffee). It will show complex aromas in taste if accompanied with Cinnamon sticks and lemon juice;
4. Cream-added coffee with coconut milk: Fragrant coffee with aromas of coconuts;
5. Mixed Coffee: Coffee and milk of the same amount are blended into white coffee of Vienna-Style;
6. Napoli Coffee: Hot Coffee with bitter taste keeps you awake in the early morning, so that American youngsters used to call it dawn-coffee;
7. Hot Mocha: Russian Coffee, also called Hot Mocha, has rich coffee odor;
8. Indian Coffee: A little bit salt will uplift the sweet flavor in milk. You will warm up a little after using the coffee cup to your satisfaction;
9. Turkish Coffee: After drinking it off, Turkish people will forecast their luck according to the traces of remnants left at the bottom of cup;
10. Iced cream Coffee: Iced coffee without added ice. 

Benefits and instructions when drinking coffee are as follows:


1.For one-third of people, drinking coffee can stimulates defecation. So when you are suffering from constipation, a cup of coffee may do a surprising favor;
2.Caffeine can inhibit asthma. In an emergency of acute asthma attack, two cups of strong coffee may help. Rarely does a person who drinks coffee regularly have asthma attacks;
3.Coffee can also eliminate depression and increase libido;
4.Drinking coffee can stimulate nerve centre and muscles. On the one hand, it can keep your spirits up and strengthen your thinking ability; on the other hand, coffee can eliminate muscle fatigue and promote lipoclasis, thus suppressing your appetites and helping you lose weights;
5.Coffee can relieve the symptom of dry eyes. According to foreign medical statistics, those who drink coffee regularly have lower risk of developing dry eyes than those who don’t;
6.Drinking coffee can reduce the risk of Parkinson;
7.As coffee can promote dieresis, do not drink coffee when you have diarrhea;
8.As caffeine will stimulate gallbladder to contract, those who are likely to have gallstones should not drink coffee;
9.Large amount of caffeine may cause natural abortion, so pregnant women should be cautious about coffee.


There is a rising number of oriental people who begin to favor coffee and even become addicted to it. They attain happiness and comfort by drinking large amount of coffee every day, without which they cannot resist anxiety and depression. However, they still retain traditional features of oriental diets.
However, drinking large amount coffee for a long time will cause loss of calcium. Coffee is like a lead dancer and she needs a dancing partner. So, what food can make coffee more delicious and healthier?


In western world, coffee and cheese is a perfect match. And it is rare for westerners to have osteoporosis even they are addicted to coffee. The answer lies right on their dining table: Cheese is the indispensable food in three meals a day. No matter pizza, dessert, cake or pasta, they all contain a lot of cheese, so it turns out they are also addicted to cheese!


Cheese is made by fermenting concentrated milk, which removes large amount of water, reserves its nutritious essence, and decomposes cholesterol into easily-absorbed amino acid. As a result, cheese won the reputation of “gold” in the dairy food. Cheese is greatly beneficial for human health. First of all, each kilogram of cheese contains protein, calcium, phosphorus and other nutrition concentrated from ten kilograms of milk. Its unique fermentation technology makes it more easily-absorbed and its nutrition absorption rate reaches 96% to 98%. Secondly, as we all know, dairy products are the best calcium-filling food and cheese is the richest in calcium among all of them. The calcium content of 40 grams of cheese equals that of 250 milliliters of milk or 200 milliliters of yogurt, and calcium in cheese can be absorbed more easily. Thirdly, although cheese is high in fat and calories, but it is low in cholesterol. In addition, British doctors think having some cheese in meals can prevent caries. No wonder Tibetan have such white teeth!


Brie cheese, “the queen of cheese”, is named after its place of production, Brie in France. It was once sent to pay tribute to French royalty. It has soft rind covered by a layer of white mold and can be eaten directly. It is heard that during Louis XVI period countries in Europe once held a cheese competition, in which the ministers all brought the best cheese in their countries to the Austria palace including British Cheshire Cheese and over 50 kinds of other cheeses. But when brie appeared, all the tasters are completely overwhelmed by its wonderful fruity odor and soft silky texture. All of them agreed that brie cheese is the absolute “queen of the cheese”. Rumor has it that before Louis XVI was sent to prison, he asked for one last taste of brie cheese.


Pair coffee with cheese, and enjoy your peace and health!


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