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Things you need to know about ORTHODONTICS

2013-03-21 11:00:52

Why do people need to do orthodontics?
Orthodontic treatment is to straighten dental displacement by wearing dental braces to move teeth into the desired positions. Orthodontics is an effective and safe treatment without damaging tooth nerves.
Crooked and crowded teeth not only affect your appearance, but more also can cause caries, paradentosis, temporomandibular diseases etc. Orthodontic treatment can change all this and give you a more confident smile.


Best time to get orthodontics


Orthodontic treatment can take place at any age. We recommend your child get the first orthodontic evaluation during their mix-dentition (usually around 6-7 years old). The best age to receive orthodontic treatment is between 10 and 15. However in some circumstances, such as crossbite of anterior teeth, they need to be dealt with earlier. Generally, the treatment lasts for one or two year. However, it depends on the extent of tooth irregularity. In order to make sure you can complete your treatment in the desired time, you should cooperate with your dentist, have your return visit on time, keep a good oral health and take good care of your braces.


What can we provide for Orthodontics?


1. Invisible aligner orthodontic treatment
2. Early preventive treatment for children
3. Metal and clear braces for adults and children
4. Mini-screw implant anchorage
5. Lingual Orthodontics(appliance)


Precautions during the treatment


1. It is normal to feel uncomfortable when braces are put on the teeth for the first time. Do not make adjustment by yourself.
2. Braces and bands may cause pain, which should gradually alleviate and disappear altogether.
3. Sticky food should be avoided to minimize the damage to braces and bands.
4. Try to avoid lumpy and rigid food, or cut your food into small pieces.
Wear ligating modules, headgear and other accessories as instructed by your orthodontist.
5. Follow a strict oral hygiene routine. Carefully brush your teeth and clean your braces every morning and night, as well as after every meal.

6. Please contact your orthodontist immediately if you encounter severe pain, the band drops off, or your brace is damaged.



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