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MSH CHINA Partnership with 17 Hospitals in Southeast Asia

2015-06-24 11:16:19

MSH CHINA signed strategic cooperation agreements with 17 hospitals in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand to provide a cashless, convenient & claims-free experience to MSH members.  


Dr Lily Sun, Senior Operations Director of MSH CHINA says “MSH invested significant time and resources in carefully assessing the medical capabilities available in Asia.  We are very happy to sign an agreement with world class hospitals to accept our MSH member cards for direct billing access to their facility.  The last thing we want our members to be worried about is whether they have enough cash for the medical treatment. Our partnership today effectively resolves this concern for our members.”


MSH’s extensive global medical network partners over 860,000 accredited providers around the world.   In Asia, our medical network covers Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, India, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, HK and China.



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