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Causes and measures about baby cough

2015-03-31 16:53:25



Cough is an important protective action that allows the body to clear mucus or othermaterial from the respiratory system.Cough can be dry or wet (productive); it can be whooping or barking.Severe cough may not be due to pneumonia, and pneumonia may not have a severe cough.



● Respiratory infections: an infection in the nose, sinuses, airways, or lungs. These infections are most commonly due to a virus as in the common cold.

● Mucus dripping back from the nose.

● Irritants in the environment such as smoke exposure.

● Exercise induced cough as in asthmatics.

● Habit: this is a cough that occurs without an underlying disease. It disappears when asleep.

● Allergies, asthma

● Acid backing up from the stomach into the esophagus (gastroesophageal reflux).



Your pediatrician will inquire for a detailed history from you, consider what kind of cough your child has (dry or productive), the nature and quality of the cough, the timing and severity, and whether there are other symptoms along with it.Your pediatrician may occasionally need to order tests to determine why your child has a cough.



The treatment is determined by the cause or the diagnosis.Sometimes, no treatment, just watchful waiting, is the best approach. If your child is over 2 years old, has a dry cough due to the common cold, a cough suppressant prescribed by a pediatrician can be used to reduce the symptom. If the cough is caused by asthma or wheezing, a bronchodilator and even steroids might be used as treatment. For respiratory infections such as sinusitis, or pneumonia, antibiotic treatment is the right choice.




1. Is a bad cough pneumonia?

Many parents worry that if their children have “a bad cough” it may cause pneumonia.In fact, pneumonia is not a common disease. It is a uncommon complication of the common cold. Most children who have a cold, will get better on their own. If your child has a bad cough, but looks good and active, no trouble breathing, then pneumonia is very unlikely the cause.Since pneumonia is the infection in the lungs, where the exchange of O2 and CO2 is taking place, most of the time, children who have pneumonia will have shortness of breath. In addition, there are not many cough receptors located in the air sags, people who have pneumonia may not cough much.


2. My child needs cough medicine to treat cough.

Many parents because of concerns of pneumonia tend to treat their children with cough medicine. In fact, cough doesn’t always need to be treated. And treatment is not always safe.According to the guidelines by American Academy of Pediatrics, it is not advisable nor safe to use cold medicines including cough medicines on young children less than 4 years old. There is no evidence that cold medicines or cough medicines are efficacious. Further, they can cause severe side effects on these young children.Therefore, when treating a cough, it is important to make the diagnosis, then formulate the treatment plan. Sometimes, no treatment is the best treatment.

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