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When the system meets the warmth of MSH's service

2015-03-31 16:52:13


In the middle of the night on January 18th, Lucy of the technical department took her child to the emergency room in a hospital in San Jia. When she went to make the payment, a man in front of her quickly took out a card and gave it to the cashier, speaking English. Lucy knew that card; it was an MSH CHINA insurance card! Seeing that this foreigner had apparently also a medical emergency, she proactively went to the counter to inquire.


It turns out that this man’s wife had gotten surgery at the international department of this hospital three days before. During the afternoon on that day, she had had sudden abdominal pain, and it didn’t get any better come evening, so she went to the hospital to get treatment. Their family hadn’t been in China long and didn’t understand the Chinese medical system at all. They didn’t understand how the international department of public hospitals and emergency clinics operate differently, and they didn’t know that at the emergency clinic there was no way to use the insurance’s direct pay (no cash) service. Therefore, they only brought limited cash and didn't bring a credit card.


Responsible Communication


After arranging for the family to go home by car, Lucy began to help the patient with translation and negotiations with the hospital, explaining the current situation to the client. She also contacted MSH CHINA’s 24-hour call center. The MSH CHINA medical team immediately communicated with the hospital, searching for every shortcut that would solve the patient’s emergency treatment payment problem. Through negotiation, due to reasons of the hospital’s systems and procedures, the patient would need to self-pay up front. Lucy paid with cash, allowing the patient to get registered and receive a blood test and CT scan right away.


Reliable Partner


After diagnosis and treatment from the doctor, the initial diagnosis showed a partial intestinal obstruction, requiring the patient to fast and get intravenous fluids. Lucy again took out her own credit card, paying the customer’s medical expenses in full. At this point, it was already 2:00am on the second day at the hospital. Due to the hospital’s emergency treatment limitations, along with an unfamiliar, crowded environment, the patient wanted to go to a different hospital. Lucy again contacted MSH CHINA’s medical team, arranging for “911” ambulance transport to a hospital in the MSH network, a bed at the new hospital, and a guarantor letter. At 4am, Lucy went with the patient to the international department of another hospital. At this time it was already 6am…


Influential Service


At MSH CHINA, every person does customer service. When we go out, we represent not only ourselves, we also represent the company as well as the passionate service of MSH CHINA! In saying this, we can’t help but think that last year we were constantly pondering and debating, what is the core competitive advantage of MSH CHINA? In this fiercely competitive market where service is easily copied, has MSH CHINA maintained a competitive advantage? Yes! With our corporate culture of hard work and our promise to never give up being a company of quality and morals, the answer becomes increasingly clear.

May our clients get well soon and stay healthy. We hope that the service warmth of MSH CHINA will be felt not only by our clients, we also hope that it will influence the entire insurance industry!

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