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MSH CHINA Wins "High-end Medical Insurance Star Performer"
MSH CHINA, a high-end health insurance service provider, emerged as one of the candidates in "Hurun Chinese Luxury Consumer Survey 2019" and won the Award of "High-end Medical Insurance Star Performer". On January 16, 2019, Celine Zhang, CEO of MSH CHINA, attended the 15th Hurun Best of the Best Awards Ceremony held in Shanghai and received the award.
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2019Q1 MSH New Direct Billing Hospitals
43 new direct billing providers were added in the first quarter of 2019. MSH has been providing a cashless, convenient & claims-free experience to MSH insurance members, based on the most in-depth local network in Greater China.
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Benefits from the dentistry department
During the Chinese New Year holiday, people get together with friends and relatives to enjoy various delicious foods. However, you should take care after having these delicacies or your teeth may end up suffering from "post-holiday syndrome".
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