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A 16-Year Journey of Sincere and Personalized Service
CHINA TALK program from China.com interviewed leading high-end health insurance provider MSH CHINA for a special report, and conducted an exclusive interview with Celine Zhang, Asia-Pacific Executive Director, and Yan MEI, General Manager of Beijing Branch.
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MSHer says,Let's wait together
I am a MSHer and from Network Department.As a hospital representative in RuiJin Hospital(International Department), I usually commence my work earlier, unlike many of my colleagues. It’s 8 o’clock now and as this moment, I am waiting at the hospital entrance to ensure my client successfully gets a car park slot.
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12 New Direct Billing Providers Added in Q4, 2016
12 new direct billing providers were added in Q4, 2016, providing a cashless, convenient & claims-free experience to MSH insurance members. Shanghai 1 Beijing 4 Hangzhou 1 Hefei 2 Xi'an 1 Wuhan 1 Hongkong 1 Korea 1
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