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2016 Member Satisfaction Survey Summary
MSH CHINA has been conducting the survey since 2010. Over 1,800 members & HRs responded to the survey in 2015. We are pleased to share with you this summary of the feedback we received. And we hope this report will serve as a tool for staff to better understand what is working well and what needs improvement.
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The “Evil” Kidney Stone
Second Medical Opinion, as one of the high-end health insurance’s value-added services derives from MSH CHINA’s spirit of professional helper, which is always willing to think in the shoe of our clients, trying to find the best medical solution like their family members, and accompany them to give a hand at any time, striving to help patients through difficulties.
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14 New Direct Billing Providers Added in Q3, 2016
Shanghai 3 Beijing 2 Hefei 1 Changshu 2 Suzhou 1 Guangzhou 1 Shenzhen 1 Hong kong 1 Korea 1 Singapore 1
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