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Hurun Report 丨 High-end Health Insurance is a necessity
Celine Zhang, MSH CHINA’s regional director in Asia, interviewed by the Hurun Report to share her experience of operating business in high-end health insurance in China as well as its current situation.
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Love in the Face of Disaster - MSH CHINA in Action
In the late night of 12 August 2015, a hazardous goods warehouse in Tianjin Binhai New Area exploded and caused dozens of death and injuring hundreds of people. As a leading insurance service provider in China, MSH CHINA responded immediately the next morning upon hearing the news.
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67 New Direct Billing Providers Added in Q3, 2015
Shanghai 5 Beijing 1 Suzhou 1 Nantong 1 Jiangyin 1 Yantai 1 Tianjin 1 Haikou 1 Nanjing 2 Dalian 2 Hangzhou 2 Ningbo 1 Changzhou 1​ Hongkong 43​ Singapore 1​ Cambodia 1​ Thailand2​
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