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2015 Member Satisfaction Survey Summary
MSH CHINA has been conducting the survey since 2010. Over 1000 members responded to the survey in 2015. We are pleased to share with you a summary of the feedback we received. And we hope this report will serve as a tool for staff to better understand what is working well and what needs improvement.
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MSH CHINA Partnership with 17 Hospitals in Southeast Asia
MSH CHINA signed strategic cooperation agreements with 17 hospitals in Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok to provide a cashless, convenient & claims-free experience to MSH members.
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185 New Direct Billing Providers Added in Q2, 2015
Shanghai 5, Beijing 6, Shenzhen 1, Suzhou 1, Hangzhou 1, Nantong 1, Qingdao 1, Tianjin 4, Nanning 1, Hongkong 160, Mongolia 1, Korea 1, Singapore 2 new hospitals
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