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54 New Direct Billing Providers Added in Q3, 2014
Beijing 20 new hospitals, Shanghai 4 new hospitals, Changchun 1 new hospital, Qingdao 1 new hospital, Hongkong 1 new hospital, Thailand 4 new hospitals, Laos 1 new hospital, Vietnam 1 new hospital, Singapore 21 new hospitals
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Unraveling the Mystery of High-end Medical Insurance
Recently, a piece of news caused a heated public discussion; a helicopter landed in downtown Beijing, needing just nine minutes to bring someone with a heart attack to the hospital to be admitted. This exposed people to something only seen in the movies, but this is not only something for the rich and famous. The 500,000 RMB cost incurred by the helicopter transport was included in the patient’s "high-end” medical insurance; it was all paid for by the insurance company.
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MSH‘s High-end medical insurance service platform in China
When Alibaba, Tencent and other internet giants used mobile networking and large databases to reshape the medical field, in the field of high-end medical insurance in particular, MSH CHINA, a company that provides localized service achieved the pinnacle of business. In 2014, it finished a high-end medical insurance service platform that is the best in the industry for meeting people’s high-end medical needs.
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