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The Essence of MSH’s Service: CBN interview with Celine Zhang
On May 27, 2014, Ms. Celine Zhang, Director of the MSH Asia Pacific Region was interviewed on CBN’s “Zero Distance Marketing" program and explained the meaning of the "high coverage, high protection, high-end service" in regards to high-end medical insurance, and touched on the direct payment network.
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MSH CHINA Member Service APP is Launched
In order to allow MSH CHINA member to enjoy a more simple and convenient customer service experience, we have developed a brand new member service mobile APP for iPhone, Android*, and Windows phones.
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30 New Direct Billing Providers Added in Q2, 2014
New Hospitals: Shanghai 4, Nanjing 1, Shenzhen 1, Suzhou 1, Hangzhou 1, Wuxi 1, Kunming 1, Singapore 3, Thailand 1, Korea 2, Cambodia 1, Philippines 1, India 5, Vietnam 7
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Love and the Race Against Time
Late into the night, a foreign customer suffered an accidental injury. After being rescued, he was found to have sustained facial fractures. In order to ensure the success rate, the plastic surgeons recommend that all surgeries be completed within two weeks. Yet, with a mere six days remaining, the patient still hesitated uneasily - wondering whether it would be better to go to Hong Kong for medical treatment.
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