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MSH CHINA Wins the “2016 Top Health Management Brand Award”

MSH CHINA was awarded the “2016 Top Health Management Brand Award”. Senior Director of Business Development, Rebecca SUN, received the award on behalf of MSH CHINA and delivered a speech.

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MSH CHINA was elected as the “2016 Top 10 China Health Benefits Solution Provider”

MSH CHINA won the “2016 China Compensation & Benefits Solution Provider Value Awards” conferred by Human Resource Excellence Centre (HREC), and was elected as “2016 Top 10 China Health Benefits Solution Provider” together with Mercer, Aon Hewitt and other consulting companies. MSH CHINA’s representative- Director of Business Development, Rebecca SUN received the award.

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World Hepatitis Day: Liver to Live

To recognize World Hepatitis Day on July 28th, MSH CHINA invites all enterprises to “JoinJade for China.” It is through our joint efforts and collaboration, that we can create workplaces free from hepatitis B discrimination and educate employees about prevention and proper care for the chronically infected.

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MSH CHINA won the 2016 China Learning & Development Value Awards

MSH CHINA’s “Treasure Bowl – Corporate strategy implementation and leadership development program” was conferred the “2016 Most Valuable Case Award”.

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MSH CHINA Becoming the First Batch of Dementia-Friendly Organizations

Recently, China Alzheimer’s Project, in collaboration with Jinmei Care for the Elderly successfully held the launching ceremony of China Dementia Friends program.

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Report on Compensation & Benefits of Non-government Hospitals

MSH CHINA and Aon Hewitt held release conference in Shanghai and Beijing, announcing the private hospital industry compensation report.

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Wins the JoinJade for China Employer Award

MSH CHINA was awarded the JoinJad for China Employer Award in the 1st JoinJade for China Summit, which is co-hosted by Asia Liver Center at Stanford and Peking Universities and Global Business Group on Health

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New MSH Elite Choice Plan Now Available

CCIC and MSH CHINA launched a new product aimed at the middle income group with its trademark high coverage and quality services but with an emphasis on affordability through careful product design - the Elite Choice Plan.

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First in China Critical Illness International Plan Makes Its Highly Anticipated Debut

BOC Insurance and MSH CHINA launched China’s first Critical Illness International Plan to help those who are seeking overseas treatment but worried about the associated high costs.

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MSH & Bess Launched the Indonesia International Health Insurance

welcomes the first client of the newly released International Health Insurance - Premier Health Care in Indonesia, which is the first high-end insurance product designed by MSH and Bess Central Insurance.

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Tax-preference Health Insurance Further Boosts Public Consumption of Insurance Expenditure

invited to a conference centred on the solutions for enterprises that are involved in tax-preference health insurance.

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MSH CHINA Partners with SOHO 3Q

MSH CHINA was announced as one of SOHO’s service partners.

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MSH CHINA Service Day

In honor of our 15th anniversary, MSH CHINA collaborated with HuaDong Hospital and offered our premium services to visitors on Service Day.

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Exclusive Offers For Our Members Visiting Doctors In The States

In the United States with over 6,600 hospitals, 770,000 physicians and health care professionals and 64,000+ pharmacies, MSH is dedicated to helping our clients successfully navigate the complex U.S. healthcare system.

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