MSH & Bess Launched the Indonesia International Health Insurance

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In early 2016, MSH CHINA welcomes the first client of the newly released International Health  Insurance - Premier Health Care in Indonesia, which is the first high-end insurance product designed by MSH and Bess Central Insurance. 
Along with the high-speed economic development in Indonesia, not only the standard of living for the citizens has been gradually improved, but also more and more foreign investors have been attracted to open up new markets in Indonesia. Economic strength of local people as well as the presence of many multinational companies resulted in high demand on medical services. Hence some of them choose to go abroad for better medical services, such as Malaysia, China, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, etc.
Under this circumstance, MSH cooperates with a well-known Insurance company in Indonesia - Bess, designed and released a new International high-end health insurance product- “Premier Health Care”. This product provides worldwide coverage of medical services (more than 150 countries) to serve the local Indonesian and expatriates who work in Indonesia; not only to bring innovation and convenience for local medical system, but also let people enjoy the high quality guaranteed medical services.

Being a leader in International Insurance services, MSH CHINA has over 860,000 network providers located in more than 150 countries worldwide. All the time, MSH plays a role as the largest, most experienced, and most awarded service provider in China. 
Additionally, Bess, as our local partners in Indonesia, has a rich market demand and operation skill. It is well acknowledged that Premier Health Care which generated by MSH and Bess will have a wider market. This is also a great landmark of MSH’s globalization promotion.

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