Because We Believe, Therefore We See

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In March, Celine Zhang, Director of the MSH Asia Pacific Region attended the American Chamber of Commerce Annual Human Resources Conference, and shared her experience of how the corporate culture can build the service brand.

Celine recounted the 15 years over which she, from being a middle school English teacher with a simple heart and devoted only in doing her work well, attracted a group of people with shared convictions and, with quite miraculous execution, allowed MSH CHINA to take root, grow and gradually develop from a team of a dozen into one today of 350 people. MSH CHINA is now the leader in providing international health insurance services and possesses over half of the market share for China's high-end health insurance.

A group of ordinary people traveling an uncommon road, propelling them forward from within is an entrepreneurial spirit. 15 years ago, MSH CHINA took the lead in issuing China's first high-end health insurance product and succeeded as well in setting up China's first direct-billing network provider. MSH CHINA used self-developed IT system, allowing for China's high-end health insurance to gain new life by moving away from copying un-acclimated international experience. Soon thereafter, more and more investors kept pouring in, and MSH CHINA's sole intention is now as before to raise the quality of service by investing more resources and adopting the ISO9001 quality control system certification to clarify and standardize the service process. As the extent of the computerization of health insurance services grows more and more, MSH CHINA is paying even more attention to the security of each customer’s personal information and medical information by adopting ISO 27001 information security management system certification and employing higher standards of supervision to maintain the confidentiality for the information of each customer. In the midst of service, MSH CHINA never ceases to keep in sight and surpass the expectations of each customer by offering privileged service.

To maintain the passion for excellence, MSH CHINA's management always maintains "small is beautiful" position. Employees are encouraged to do the right thing and accorded ample trust and empowerment. Here, there is no glass ceiling, but rather no effort is spared to develop a local talents and each employee knows that their work should not be limited to their job description, because all effort has but one goal, which is serving customers better. In MSH, there are no endless reports and everyone respectfully listens together to the demands coming from the market. People are called together from different departments, working without boundaries to find solutions. Execution is learning. Always attempt to learn from your mistakes.

MSH CHINA’s service has a good reputation because of the whole team’s service culture. Customers not only experience superior service but also a group of professional helpers who are willing to expend extra effort to keep focus on “the person” and so maintain the respect for life. This is precisely the secret to the warmth of MSH CHINA’s service.

The soul of a brand depends on people and so MSH CHINA does its utmost to show concern for its employees, because only in this way can employees then look single-mindedly after clients. Celine gave an example: Every year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the company delivers to employees' parents a present, inside which are moon cakes together with a card, or video or publication by the employee, allowing the family of the employee to share in the significance of this part of the work, that they have made today's MSH CHINA a service brand which is exuberant.

Moreover, in the business environment MSH CHINA also abides by the principle of mutual profitability, insisting on working in cooperation with partners. For years partners have included many Chinese insurance companies, medical organizations, international schools, enterprises and clients, who by word of mouth and personal experience joined with MSH CHINA.

A heart that is simple and willing to work allows a thick corporate culture to influence people nearby. The smell of incense, very hard to describe, is an invitation to experience. Culture transforming into a brand is not an easy road but absolutely one of deep happiness!

Because we have believed, we now witness today’s extraordinary result.

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