MSH & Soyombo collaborated on the First-in-Mongolia International Health Insurance Program

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On 11th October 2014, MSH INTERNATIONAL & Soyombo Insurance officially launched the Soyombo Care+ international health insurance program In Ulaan Baator, Mongolia. Miss Celine Zhang, Director of MSH INTERNATIONAL Asia-Pacific, was interviewed by Bloomberg Mongolia TV Channel.


Celine also use “Glocal” (Global Partner + Local Partner) to describe the partnership of Soyombo and MSH.  “With increasing growth in Mongolia’s economy and the improvement in the quality of life, Mongolians have become more concerned about their personal health. The introduction of Soyombo Care+ international health insurance products in Mongolia provides another option for Mongolians who desire to seek medical services abroad. MSH INTERNATIONAL provides simple and convenient ways to use the international health insurance products. Thus, Mongolians can enjoy not only the increased health protection but also the award winning services of MSH.” MSH INTERNATIONAL continues to gain recognition as an industry pioneer in Asia. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the international health insurance industry in the Mongolian market.

Already a global leader in international health insurance solutions, MSH INTERNATIONAL has a global provider network of over 860,000 facilities in 150 countries and is the most established, most experienced and most awarded service provider in China. In partnership with Soyombo Insurance in Mongolia, MSH INTERNATIONAL continues to create greater brand awareness by expanding their global footprint to Mongolia; to bring the benefits of international health insurance solutions closer to Mongolians.


Below is the transcription of the interview:


Interviewer- We welcomes Mrs Celine Zhang, Regional Director of MSH INTERNATIONAL Asia-Pacific.  Welcome to Mongolia and welcome to our Bloomberg studio Mrs. Celine Zhang, we are glad to have you with us.


MSH INTERNATIONAL is one of the largest international health insurance service providers in the world; please tell us more about the cooperation between Soyombo Daatgal and MSH.  


Mrs. Celine Zhang- I look after the Asia Pacific region of MSH INTERNATIONAL.  We are very familiar and experienced with the international health insurance environment in China and many Asian countries. MSH is a world leader in the design and development of international health insurance solutions.   As the market leader in China, we are the largest, most experienced and most awarded international health insurance service provider.  We have been providing international health insurance management for over 14 years and have the largest medical team for claims and network management. Soyombo Daatgal is one of the most established general insurance companies in Mongolia.  Soyombo was keen to promote international health insurance programs in Mongolia.  After discussing and evaluating the Mongolian market jointly, we found that many Mongolians pay out-of-pocket for their healthcare.  As the Mongolian economy continues to develop, we expect that more and more Mongolians will be seeking medical treatment not only locally but overseas.  Thus, it was a natural progression for our companies together with Allianz to collaborate to design, develop and manage the Soyombo Care+ international health insurance program.  This range of product has been specially designed for Soyombo Daatgal under the Soyombo Care+ brand name.


Interviewer- Could you give us more detailed information about the advantages of Soyombo Care+ product.


Mrs. Celine Zhang- Our collaboration with Soyombo Daatgal offers an additional option for Mongolians to seek medical treatment abroad under an international health insurance program.  The Soyombo Care+ product is a very affordable essential health insurance program available for both individual and group coverage.  With a high annual sum insured and range of benefits, it can be used in Mongolia as well as in many overseas countries.   The healthcare facilities in our Asia network include well known facilities in Beijing, Seoul, Singapore and Thailand.  The MSH global provider network of over 860,000 medical facilities in more than 150 countries will provide cashless billing services.  We also have a 24/7/365 multi-lingual live call centre to assist all our members.  Besides assisting the members with queries on the policy coverage, claims process, network hospitals; we can also help provide information on appropriate medical services in the different countries.


Interviewer-What do you think of the potential of this product in the Mongolian market?


Mrs. Celine Zhang- MSH is very confident of the success of the Soyombo Care+ international health insurance program as we have seen the growth and development of similar programs in Europe, China and Asia. In China, more and more companies are leveraging on health insurance benefits as an attraction and retention tool to retain key talents in China.  I believe there will be a similar trend in Mongolia.

Interviewer- In conclusion, I would like you to share with us about the global health insurance status.


Mrs. Celine Zhang- The global health insurance landscape is very active.  Awareness of the need for sufficient health insurance protection is on the rise. Mongolians are increasingly conscious of the need not only to take care of their health but also the need for good health insurance protection.  To best describe this status, I would like to use the word Glocal, Global + Local to describe our partnership with Soyombo, where MSH is the Global partner and Soyombo is our Local partner.  Together, we can grow the international health insurance market in Mongolia.


Interviewer- Well, in the very last, how do you see the Mongolian insurance sector in the future?


Mrs. Celine Zhang- I view the Mongolian insurance sector very positively.  Mongolia has a very bright future.  As the Mongolian economy grows in the near future, health protection will inevitably take an important place in society.   I grew up in China and have experienced this kind of insurance market growth myself.


Interviewer- It was a pleasure to have this interview with you.  Thank you very much!


Mrs. Celine Zhang- Thank you very much!


Interviewer- We just had an interview with Mrs. Celine Zhang, Regional Director of MSH INTERNATIONAL, Asia-Pacific on international health insurance partnership with Soyombo Daatgal in Mongolia.

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