MSH & Forte Insurance created the First-in-Cambodia Medi+ Expo

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On 11th October 2014, MSH and Forte Insurance co-organized a Medi+ Lifestyle & Wellness International Expo at the InterContinental Hotel in Phnom Penh. More than 300 guests and over 150 VIPS attended the event.  The anchor sponsor of the Medi+ event was Maybank, one of the largest banks in Malaysia with the most banking branches in Cambodia.  Many leading local and international healthcare facilities from Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam also participated at the event. Medical experts from these facilities shared about the latest medical treatment skills and technologies.




In recent years, regional economic growth and local political stability have contributed much to Cambodia’s rising middle income.  As their standards of living improve, the trend towards medical travel – travelling outside of their home country to seek for better quality international standard healthcare becomes a reality for many Cambodians. With a higher purchasing power and easier accessibility, Cambodians can now travel to many medical travel destinations like Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore for unparalleled access to quality medical care. In May 2013, MSH together with Forte Insurance launched the First-in-Cambodia international health insurance program in Cambodia called Medi+.  Medi+ international health insurance allows Cambodians to enjoy many services from MSH including direct billing access at over 860,000 international standard medical facilities under the MSH global network. 




Dr Lily Sun, Medical Director of MSH CHINA introduced the special aspects of international high-end health insurance services to the audience. Most Cambodians travelling overseas for medical treatment pay out-of-pocket.  A special benefit of international high-end health insurance is direct billing. MSH has invested significant time and resources, to assess the healthcare facilities and medical capabilities available in Asia.  We have included many high quality international standard hospitals in our medical network.   Medi+ members receiving treatments in the MSH network hospitals will enjoy a simple, convenient, cashless and claims free experience. 




MSH has a global medical network of over 860,000 medical facilities in 150 countries.  In addition to an established medical network in China and the greater China region, MSH’s direct billing medical network in Southeast Asia is also very strong; covering many of the favorite medical destinations of Cambodians in Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore. To serve Cambodians better, the MSH call centre is a 24/7/365 live call centre with a dedicated Khmer speaker to assist all Khmer speaking Medi+ members. 




The one day event ended with great success, creating opportunities for Cambodians to meet with over 20 local and international healthcare providers and also generated greater awareness of the benefits of international high-end health insurance for Cambodians.


Case Sharing: A Car Accident in Cambodia


After suffering a car accident in Cambodia and falling into a deep coma, with death around the corner, who can lend a helping hand?


MSH is China's largest high-end health insurance provider. One of our customers encountered the extreme situation described above. However, fortunately for him since he was a member of MSH China and had high-end medical insurance, he was sent to the best hospital in Cambodia, Royal Rattanak. There he received an initial diagnosis, and then was transported to Thailand’s Bangkok Hospital for further treatment. Throughout the process, MSH China’s team stayed by the patient’s side; although not family, it was even better than family.


Below is the lucky one who got a second chance at life. Through his real-life experience, along with MSH China’s excellent emergency relief and high-end medical insurance services in the Asia-Pacific region, he is able to provide the best testimony:



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