MSH Case | Two Years of a Difficult Cancer Treatment with MSH Ends in Recovery

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Cancer is not treated overnight. The diagnosis, hospital visits, surgery or chemotherapy, and rehabilitation are all long and arduous processes for the patient and their families.


But for MSH patients, the journey is now much easier. In a recent thank-you letter from a former cancer patient at MSH, they expressed their gratitude in this way—

After chemotherapy treatments, the patient was required to come in for various check-ups. MSH representatives found that although the patient outwardly showed optimism, she was actually very anxious and worried.


In order to make her feel better, the representative tried to talk to her about things that would get her mind off her treatment, like her child. The representative also encouraged her to look at the official accounts of the doctor team, which frequently told stories of breast cancer recovery, to lift her spirits. With all these efforts, the patient’s mood steadily.

Life is very fragile, and cancer can strike at any moment. At the same time, life is very strong, and a small kindness can turn into lifelong courage. No matter where or when, MSH will always be there.

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