Considerate company in hot summer days - A letter of acknowledgement from clients on Christmas time

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Christmas is coming, are you thinking about what kind of present is waiting ahead?
Recently, MSHers are so happy for receiving the favor of Santa Claus and a Christmas gift full of love.

Letter of Acknowledgement

Dear MSH and Ms. Zhou, Customer Service Representative of Huashan Hospital,

At the end of this year, work is extremely busy and brings great pressure as well. And I am writing to express my gratitude to your company and Ms. Zhou for all your support in this year.

On July 16, 2018, I fell down on the way to the bank, tearing two ligaments. In such a hot season, I couldn't endure the summer heat anymore and decided to remove the plaster after having my leg in it for more than 3 weeks. With the guidance of doctor from Huashan Hospital, I started my physical therapy for recovery.

No parking was allowed at the entrance of the hospital. Every time when the driver sent me to do the physiotherapy, Ms. Zhou took good care of me with patience. She borrowed wheelchairs, and helped me pass through the hospital's barrier-free access. All these details touched my heart. She smiled a lot, releasing my anxiety, and encouraged me that the doctor would have the proper treatment plan, and I would be getting better day after day. Her words and works greatly reassured me.

Thank MSH for training such excellent employee, and also thank Ms. Zhou for taking care of me, who was a helpless person. She is so kind and likes an angel waiting there in the scorching sun.

I am hereby writing this letter of acknowledgement to wish you every success in your work, good health and all dreams come true in the New Year! 

In July 2018, Ms. Hu came to Huashan Hospital for a fall damage while working. She was diagnosed with ligament tear, which required plaster fixation for 3-6 weeks. But it was too hot in July. After 3 weeks of plaster fixation, Ms. Hu decided to remove it and followed the doctor's advice for physiotherapy, which meant she had to go to the hospital regularly. Unfortunately, no parking was allowed downstairs the treatment room, and the distance from the parking area to the treatment room brought big problem since her movements were painful and she had no family around. At this moment, Ms. Zhou came with her considerate help. When Ms. Hu felt depressed because of her injuries, Ms. Zhou came to comfort her with shining smile. She borrowed a wheelchair without being asked to prevent a second injury; she took care of Ms. Hu carefully when passing through the barrier-free access; and she took all the details into account such as buying water and passing the cellphone. Finally, with the thoughtful help of Ms. Zhou, Ms. Hu completed the physiotherapy and was fully recovered.

Ms. Zhou mentioned in this letter is Rabby ZHOU, the on-site representative of MSH CHINA in Huashan Hospital, who has joined MSH CHINA for one year and another month. At the first moment of receiving this letter of acknowledgement, we interviewed her to unveil more about the story behind this "love".

Q: Hi, Rabby, we have received a letter of acknowledgement from our client. A short letter full of love. Would you like to share the experience with us?

A: Well, she is our loyal client. We have become friends after meeting several times. One morning in July, when I started my work, I saw her come to remove the plaster on her leg in a wheelchair with the help of her mom. Her mom is too old to push the wheelchair. I walked to her and learned that her husband was on a business trip and it was impossible for her old mom to accompany her frequently. Therefore, I brought up the idea on my own to accompany her for all the rest physiotherapy.

Q: It was July. It is very hot, isn’t it?

A: Yes, but it was also a critical period for her recovery. After several thunderstorms, pushing wheelchair was not easy, and we were so lucky to have hospital nurses coming to help, otherwise it would be very awkward.

Q: How long did the physiotherapy last? Are there any more difficulties during the period?

A: 7 times in total, once a week. But Huashan Hospital is located in the city center, no parking is allowed at the entrance. I waited with the wheelchair in advance at the entrance, and pushed the wheelchair to Building No. 6 for physiotherapy after she got off the car. During the treatment, I also helped her for required movements considering her injured leg, and then sent her back to the entrance in an hour.

Q: Pushing wheelchair and moving is totally different from normal walking, let alone the obstacles from some inconvenient facilities in the building. How did you think when coming across these?

A: MSH is always expertise in considerate and thoughtful service. My work is the contact window of MSH customer services. Clients always come first. And in my thinking, helping people in need makes me happy and satisfied.

Q: You are really a pretty and kind-hearted girl. It's not difficult to work on it carefully for a day or two or even a month. But persistence is the hardest, and for you, it is already more than a year. So what is your experience if meeting a very demanding and meticulous client?

A: I fully understand that clients will be upset when they suffer from illness. At this time, I will coordinate within the hospital as soon as possible to solve problems for them, and they will also trust and understand me after that. As time goes on, we become friends and get along better.

Q: What would you want to say in a sentence on behalf of the MSH on-site representatives?

A: It's my great honor to represent all our on-site representatives and talk about my experience. I want to say that every on-site representative cares for every client with our heart.

No one lives alone in the world. There are always people we care about and people who care about us. MSHer's work is to be responsible for protecting the health and life of clients, and their family's worries and expectations. We always have it in mind that besides service and responsibility, we also have empathy and love. The rose's in her hand, the flavor in mine. Love is the firm belief of every MSHer. We believe it is happier to give than to receive.

Thanks to this client and to all the friends who care about, support and trust us. You provide MSHers with a warm Christmas. 

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